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Who knew the marriage mart could be so deadly?

When Fitzwilliam Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennet at the theater, he finds her fascinating and becomes tongue tied, which in turn leaves her thinking that he is all looks and very little else. It is not the best start to an acquaintance that someone is hoping will grow into something much more than mere friendship. But it is a start.

If only that start were left to gently grow from a reluctant second chance to what it would become. However, such is not the case. Instead, it will be forced to develop when Darcy and Elizabeth find themselves caught in a staged compromise that has potentially murderous consequences.

Darcy’s Hopeful Future is the third book in the In Peril with Darcy series of Pride & Prejudice variations. If you like instant attraction, devious scheming, and mysterious villains, Zoe Burton’s latest release is sure to get your heart pumping. Pick up your copy of Darcy’s Hopeful Future today!


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