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Not only his heart is in peril; so is the lady he loves.

A compromise that leads to mortal danger was not what Fitzwilliam Darcy was expecting when he attended a soiree in Hertfordshire. However, that’s exactly what he found. Thankfully, he had already determined that he wanted to marry the lady now forced to accept his proposal. He had hoped to gain her admiration before presenting his offer, of course, but flying to her rescue pre-empted that plan. Now, he must both convince his future wife to love him and keep her alive if he wants to have a chance at his longed-for happily ever after.

Darcy’s Happy Compromise is Zoe Burton’s newest Pride & Prejudice variation. If you like protective heroes, brave heroines, and romance with a dash of suspense, you will love this latest of Zoe’s Regency JAFF novels. Pick up your copy of Darcy’s Happy Compromise today!


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