Writing what you know…

I have set aside today to do writer things, and I am rather excited about it!  I have wanted to post something here on the blog for a couple days, but since it’s Labor Day and I have the day off (yippee!!!), I waited until today to do so.  I hope it’s worth the wait! LOL

I have begun a couple other stories, but don’t have a huge amount of time to write now that school is back in session.  This means that I have to really buckle down and produce when I finally have a few minutes and inspiration strikes.  Sometimes I wonder what I should write.  How can I come up with a good story that people want to read?  The simplest answer I have come up with is this: write what you know.  In I Promise To… I did just that.  I am a history lover, as well as a romance lover, and I have been reading the two together for decades.  I know how people lived and how they behaved.  Am I perfect with details of the Regency period?  No.  Do I take liberties with what was considered propriety back then?  Yes.  But the people are beloved characters from a book I have read many times, and the actions taken by some are based on actions I have experienced.  I have done and said some of the things I wrote in the book, and I have had things done and said to me that are in the book.  I believe that I wrote a good story, and I love, love, love my Darcy!  🙂

All that being said, I’m going at my new stories with renewed vigor, and am looking forward to being pleased once again with the result.


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