An I Promise To… Christmas teaser

Oh, do I feel good!!  I have managed to write over 800 words tonight!!  😀  So, I thought I’d post a little teaser here for you.  It’s just the first chapter or two and it is un-beta’d.  Tell me what you think.

Elizabeth Darcy walked the hallways of her country home, Pemberley, taking her daily exercise. In good weather she liked to walk outside, wandering the paths of the estate for hours. This close to Christmas, however, it was entirely too cold and her husband, with the backing of his father, had forbid her such activity. Elizabeth had eventually caved in to the pressure to give up one of her favorite activities; in its place, she insisted on indoor strolls. Though “stroll” might be a misnomer, for Elizabeth always walked rather briskly. She enjoyed physical activity and was not about to let the frigid Derbyshire winter put a stop to it.

As she strode along, Elizabeth reflected on the past year. Her marriage to her wonderful husband, Fitzwilliam, had been arranged by his father and her uncle, who were friends of long standing. She had been in danger from a peer who wanted to marry her, not for love but to possess her. The peer had accosted her twice; once at Longbourn, her father’s estate, and again in a London book shop after her marriage. Though he had injured her the first time, striking her with his fist, he had not had the chance to do so again in the London confrontation before Fitzwilliam and his father had intervened. The peer had been slunk away like the cur he was after George Darcy, Papa George to Elizabeth, had threatened him with ruination. It had been months since the Darcys had even heard him mentioned.

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  1. I loved “I Promise To . . . ” and the Darcy you created. Please let me know when you place snippets of these stories online to read. I liked the Christmas bit above and can’t wait for more.

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