Another IPT Christmas teaser!

Oh my heavens! Has it really been a month since I last posted here on my blog??  Where has the time gone???

I have been rather overwhelmed at work…it has been insanely busy and my writing time (not to mention cleaning-the-house time and taking-care-of-me time) has been extremely limited.  Despite the forces of evil working against me–that sounded good, didn’t it? LOL–I have managed to write some more.  What follows is another teaser…just a paragraph…to tell you what Elizabeth is up against in my Christmas story.  It is un-beta’d…but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 🙂


Edith Miller had once fancied herself the perfect Mrs Darcy. In the same manner as many other young women of the first circles, she had kept her eye on Fitzwilliam Darcy over the years, eagerly awaiting his entrance into Society’s social whirl. Her shock upon hearing of his marriage so soon after his return from an abbreviated Grand Tour was immense. The identity of his new wife was equally astonishing. The niece of Mr Darcy’s friend in trade! Of course, Edith had never met the young lady. She was a gentleman’s daughter, whose father opposed the friendship of his neighbor with a tradesman. Miss Miller could only suppose that the new Mrs Darcy was brash and uneducated, and most certainly undeserving of the position she now enjoyed. Edith had every intention of letting the upstart know that she did not now and never would fit in with Derbyshire’s elite.


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Zoe 🙂

One thought on “Another IPT Christmas teaser!

  1. I love how society women would always underestimate Elizabeth just be cause she is from a small town and country gentleman. What I love most is the way Lizzy puts them in her place. Can’t wait to read more!

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