“Just to Hear ‘I Love You'” by Sarah Johnson

Today is the big day!! Today I am posting an excerpt from Sarah Johnson’s newest book, Just to Hear “I Love You”!   I love this story, and was eager to bring a small piece of it to you. If you enjoy it, let her know…she has her own website, www.SarahJohnsonbooks.com , and can be reached via email at sarah.johnson.jaff@gmail.com .

 Bingley’s mind, as was usual, jumped from one subject to the next without so much as a breath between them. “Miss Mary, I have meant to ask you about these hand motions you use. Are they difficult to learn?”

Elizabeth answered for Mary, “They are not too difficult, sir.”

“Perhaps you could teach me a few then, Miss Bennet?”

“Yes, of course.” Elizabeth stood and spent several minutes teaching Bingley a few simple signs and how he could use them in phrases. He tried several times, but could not form his fingers properly.

“I find it easiest to do this for that particular sign,” the colonel said as he formed his fingers properly to show Bingley.

“You know how to sign, Fitz?” Bingley asked.

“I am learning,” he said verbally as he also signed for Mary’s benefit.

“How in the world did you become so good? I cannot seem to make even the simplest gesture properly.”

“It took many hours of practice in front of the mirror before I was comfortable enough to sign in front of anyone,” he explained.

Mary blushed. She did not realize just how long and hard he had practiced.

Bingley sighed, but was determined. He walked away from the others, looking oddly at his own hands as he paced around the room, trying to form the few signs he was shown while the others continued to speak amongst themselves.

“Was that right?” Bingley asked Miss Elizabeth.

She walked over to him, away from the others, “No, no, curve your fingers more,” she showed him.

“Oh… right.” Then he walked around a little more.

“He will never get this,” Darcy whispered into her ear.

“You know him better than anyone – do you really think so?”

He shook his head no just as Bingley stepped up to them again.

“Did I get it that time?” he asked, showing her the sign again.

“Perhaps signing is just not for everyone, Mr Bingley,” Elizabeth suggested.

“I will prevail, just give me time.” He once again tried to form the word. “Was that right?”

Darcy saw that his friend was clearly separated from the others in the room, so he could not help but tease him. “Bingley! I cannot believe you would say such a thing,” he said in a quiet yet harsh manner. “There are ladies present!”

“OH! Oh, excuse me, I did not realize… that is… I am very sorry.” He looked to the others further away and whispered to his friend, “Do you think they saw what I said?”

“I do not think so.”

“Capital! Capital! I think I will give this up for now,” he said finally as he once again went to sit near the others.

Elizabeth tried not to laugh aloud, but the smirk on her intended’s face told of the joke he pulled on his friend. “That was very wrong of you, sir! The poor man will never again want to sign the word ‘shoe’.”

Darcy chuckled, “You must allow me to have my share of fun, my love.”

Elizabeth tried not to burst out in laughter as she sniggered, “That was badly done, sir – badly done indeed.” She drew her hand up to cover her mouth as she was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Darcy reached for her fingers, drawing them to his lips for a sweet kiss to the back of her hand. “I am sure Bingley will find a way to repay the gesture, but I could not resist the temptation. He has always been a bit gullible.”

So….if you like what you see, head on over to her site (or Amazon) and get yourself a copy. Of course, if you would like to try to win a copy….leave a comment. Sarah is giving away one Kindle ebook (international), and one print copy (US only). Please be sure to add your email address to your comment as well as the format you would like to be entered for. The contest will remain open until 11:59 pm EDT Fri, 10/24/14.


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