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Have you heard that my friend, Rose Fairbanks, has recently published another book? It’s called Undone Business, and it’s available on Kindle and Nook. You can also get it in print, if you prefer. It’s a great book from a very talented author. In addition to Undone Business, she has another book coming out on May 25…No Cause to Repine. Both are fabulous reads! You won’t regret buying them!!
Another fact you may or may not know is that Rose has a blog called Stories from the Past. She is part of a group called Austen Authors, and is far better about blogging than I. 😉 I think you will enjoy her posts. 🙂
Below are images and links to her books.

UB image


Undone Business at amazon

Undone Business at b&n


NCTR cover


No Cause to Repine at amazon

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