What’s new with Zoe Burton?

So, what’s new in Zoe’s world? Well….

I am about 2/3 of the way through my newest story, called Promises Kept. It is the sequel to my first book, I Promise To…, and fills in the year between Lord Regis accosting Elizabeth and ODC’s first anniversary. I hope to finish writing in two weeks and have it published in mid-July, though those dates are not set in stone. Of course, I published Lilacs & Lavender on March 30 on Kindle and in print. I will be working over the summer on putting all my books on Nook and some other formats.

What else, you ask? Well, school is out for the kiddos now and I have two days next week before my vacation starts. I am taking some time off for my birthday that week, otherwise I’d not be done until the 12th.

Birthday, you say? Yes, unfortunately, I have another birthday. Each year for the last 4 or 5 had gotten more and more difficult. At this point, I’d rather forget they exist. But, enough whining.

What about your friends? Well, let’s see….Leenie Brown has a new book out called For Peace of Mind, and it’s wonderful! Rose Fairbanks has also put out another book since I last posted, called No Cause to Repine, which is also fantastic! Both are available in multiple formats, so check out your favorite site(s) to buy them!

And….I guess that’s all that is new here with me. What are your palns for the summer?



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