New Feature–Teacher Corner

It has been suggested to me that I incorporate my day job into my blog, so to that end, I have decided that I will periodically share websites with you that will be helpful for assisting your students with homework, or for homeschooling. Many you have probably heard of already, but hopefully there will be some new stuff in there too.
Today’s site is one I use a lot in my online teaching. It’s . This site has a dictionary with definitions of math terms and demonstrations of algorithms (for example, how to multiply fractions). It’s great for those learning and for those tutoring or teaching who need a quick refresher.



2 thoughts on “New Feature–Teacher Corner

  1. AH ha ha, Zoe, I hate math! Although I am excellent at sight reading rhythms which are very mathematical. Crazy. I bet you would be a fun teacher to have. Jen Red

  2. LOL Jen….I have had kids tell me I’m fun. I’m better at building relationships with them than anything else…hence the need for sties like this. 😉 You’re right about rhythms being mathematical. Some of my students have benefited by taking music lessons. Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀

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