My Favorite Books–Memory by Linda Wells

Another new “thing” I’m doing here on my blog is a section for my favorite books. Most will be Jane Austen Fan Fiction. Some will have been around for a while, and some will be newer. They are not reviews, just what I like about them and a link to Amazon and possibly other outlets for each (though I don’t always know where all a book is available).

Today, I am starting with my all-time favorite Jane Austen Fan Fiction. It’s called “Memory”, and is written by Linda Wells. I first found it at a JAFF fanfiction site called A Happy Assembly, but when I discovered that it was published, I bought all three volumes. That’s right…it was so long she had to publish it in three long volumes. I got the ebooks, partly because the individual print copies were out of my price range, and partly because I have no room to store books nowadays.

What do I like about it? Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy are soulmates in this story. They fall instantly in love without ever speaking to each other and are separated for two years due to circumstances before they come together, but when they do come together…WOW!!! I love this Darcy…he is my ideal husband. He would do anything for his Elizabeth. I love that it’s them against the world, because she would do anything for him. They go through a lot, too, and through it all their marriage gets stronger and stronger and they individually get stronger, as well. This is my go-to story for when I am down and need a pick-me-up, even though I know nothing else will get done for a week or so…because I am incapable of putting it down once I start it!


Memory image

“Memory” and all of Linda’s books are available at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble online.




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    • I do! I also own Chance Encounters and Fate and Consequences. I have reread all of her regencies multiple times. But…nothing else gets done when those are open! LOL

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