My Favorite Books–Dearest Friends

This month’s favorite book is another Jane Austen Fan Fiction (raise your hand if you are surprised.) It was published in November of 2014 by one of my favorite people, Pamela Lynne.

The story is called “Dearest Friends”. I first read it at a JAFF fanfiction site called A Happy Assembly, but when I found out Pamela had published it, I immediately rushed to get the ebook.

Dearest Friends coverWhat do I like about it? I like that Darcy and Elizabeth get together so quickly in this story. I love how…flirtatious…Darcy is, and how much he loves her. He is so tender, and yet so strong. I love how the couple truly becomes one unit, even when still engaged. And I’m not talking sex, because while they flirt and kiss beforehand, they wait until their wedding night to go all the way. And I LOVE that they did, even though I pretty much skipped the actual act. <blush> This book has, along with Linda Wells’, become a go-to story for when I am down and need a lift.


Dearest Friends is available in print and ebook at Amazon and  Barnes and Noble online, ebook at Kobo, and in print at the Createspace Store.

Pamela is part of Vanity Pride and Press with fellow author Cat T. Gardiner. They can be found on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did! If you do, let Pamela know! She’d love to hear from you!


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