August in Zoe’s World

I bet you are all wondering what is new in Zoe Burton’s world. Well, let me tell you, it’s been a wild month! Here are some highlights:
• I published Promises Kept on 8/2
• I put together a book of short Pride and Prejudice stories called Bits of Ribbon and Lace, which went live on amazon yesterday! 🙂
• My truck started leaking radiator juice again. 🙁
• I traded it in for a newer one! 🙂
• School started for me on 8/3 and for students on 8/17
• I am about 12,000 words into my next book 🙂
• I went to a baby shower

Now, it’s entirely possible that some of you just don’t care about some of the stuff that’s happened to me, and that’s ok. I’m just putting it out there. 😉

As for the going back to school thing, it’s been rough. All I have wanted to do it write, and I have not been able to. Then, I get a weekend (a whole weekend) to write, and my truck takes a dump and I spend an entire writing day crying and praying and strategizing. I am grateful for that one day I did get, though, and I’ll just up my target word count for the rest of the days between now and Thanksgiving. I can do this!!

You know I enjoy letting you know what’s going on with my friends as well as myself. Well, there has been a lot happening!!

• Leenie Brown became the newest member of Austen Authors. Their site is found here. Leenie’s site I have featured before, but for easy access, it’s here. All of the Austen Authors can be found on Facebook, here.
• Leenie published her own short story book (sorry, I’m a teacher, and we steal ideas right and left; being one herself, Leenie knows all about this) in July, called Teatime Tales. She is planning to publish a book called Listen to Your Heart, about Anne DeBourgh and Colonel Fitzwilliam this month, and another called Through Every Storm in September, which is about the redemption of Wickham and Lydia. Like all of Leenie’s books, these last two are excellent reads!!
• Rose Fairbanks is busily writing away, and has no idea yet when she will be ready to publish the next story.
• J Dawn King released One Love, Two Hearts, Three Stories in July, and has just in the last week published Compromised! Joy is another excellent writer, and one I love to read!
• Pamela Lynne is still working on her next book, and from what I have seen of it, you are going to love it!!
• Cat Gardiner is also writing her fingers to the bone. I know she has a sequel to Denial of Consicence in the works, and another Austenesque book set in New York.

And that is the sum total of my news and updates! Until next time….



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