My Favorite Books–All of Melanie Schertz’s Books

This month’s favorite book was another tough choice. I ended up going with an author again, because I love all of her books and could not choose just one!

Melanie Schertz is this month’s favorite author. She is prolific, with right around twenty titles under her belt. What do I love about them? Melanie has such a vivid imagination that her stories keep you riveted. She was a cop before she became a writer, so she has seen about everything you could imagine, and she uses those experiences in her books.

I do need to warn you that, especially in her earlier books, Melanie has many grammar, usage, and mechanics errors in her writing. She has been quite honest about her dyslexia, and now uses an editor, so her writing is greatly improved. It has been a delight to watch her grow as a writer! 🙂

Melanie is part of the Austen Authors group. She can be found there and on Facebook. Here is her author page at Amazon…she has too many books to list them all!!



If you enjoy her books, I know Mel would love to hear from you! Drop her a line!!




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