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This month’s Teacher Corner site is one I just used today with my 5th grade Special Education students. It’s called Math-Drills.com. This site is rich with worksheets and interactive activities for all manner of math concepts. From telling time to working with fractions to geometry, this site has it all. And it’s all FREE!!!

My kiddos today used the flash cards. I added my initials, checked both Addition and Subtraction, and chose the number of problems, application shared (remember, I teach online), and hit “Start” and we were off to the races. The only thing I did not like about it was the timer. We just did our best to ignore it, but if your student is working on fluency, it’s a good tool.

Here’s a screenshot to show you just a few of the available topics. Clicking the picture will take you to the site. 🙂

Screenshot (11)

As you can see, the worksheets and activities are ordered according to topic in the center of the page and also down the left-hand side. At the bottom of that left-hand sidebar are some help topics and a link to ways to support the site.

I love this website, and I bet you will, too!


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