Awesome news!

Hello, readers!

Do you remember about three months ago, when I told you that I needed to take some time off from blogging and that I would get back in the swing when the busiest time of the school year was over? Well, that time has arrived, sort of.

I still have the big state tests to proctor in the next few weeks, but I have a huge announcement that will mean that in three weeks and a couple days, I will be blogging more regularly.

I am proud and excited to share with you that I have been asked to be the newest member of Austen Authors!! Me!! Little ol’ Zoe Burton!! I have been over the moon for days about it, but have been unable to share publicly until today, after the official announcement was made. Of course, you may have already caught sight of the badge on my landing page. I put that up without even thinking that I ought to wait a few days. LOL

What does this mean for my blog? Well, there will be a post here every 4 weeks, as I will share my post for Austen Authors with you here. That’s the biggest difference. Come late May or early June, I’m going to revamp things and begin my two or three day a week posts again. I have been looking at the blogs and sites of friends, and have gotten some good ideas to use here.

If you like, you can feel free to click on the links for this fabulous collection of authors in the paragraphs above, or click on the badge to the left. There are many other authors in the group, and you can check out the author page of each one for social media links and purchase links for books.

That’s all for now. Are you as excited as I am? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Awesome news!

  1. I’m doing my *happy dance*!!! I am so excited for and proud of you, Zoe. The Austen Authors made a great choice. I look forward to reading more in the future.

    • Thanks, Gail!! I don’t have words to adequately express my excitement! You and your support (not to mention your inspirational photos and baked goods 😉 ) are greatly appreciated. You rock!! <3

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