Thursday’s 300: Letters

Welcome back to Austen Promises! This week’s Thursday’s 300 is a letter from Jane to Lizzy. Enjoy!


Elizabeth Bennet settled into the window seat in her room, correspondence in hand. Her elder sister, Jane, was currently in London visiting their aunt, uncle, and cousins, but had taken the time to write Elizabeth a good, long letter. Eagerly, Elizabeth broke the seal, unfolded the missive, and began to read.

Dearest Lizzy,

I have such wonderful news! I have met the man of my dreams. His name is Charles Bingley, and he is the son of a textile merchant from the North of England.

I can hear you now, Sister, and I know that you are asking me how I met Mr. Bingley. I will tell you…Aunt and Uncle Gardiner attended a ball just a few days after I arrived for my visit, and they took me with them. There, making his way around the room, was the most gloriously beautiful gentleman I had ever seen. He is tall and athletic, with reddish-blonde hair and green eyes. He is the most amiable young man I have ever met!

Immediately upon making our acquaintance, Mr. Bingley asked me to dance. We fell into quite an easy conversation during our set. No awkward silences there! Afterward, he remained by my side for most of the evening, though he did do his duty and dance with other ladies as I did with other gentlemen.

Uncle Gardiner questioned Mr. Bingley thoroughly. I was impressed, for you know Papa would not have inquired anything about him right away. Mr. Bingley was forthright in his replies, and it turns out, Uncle once met Mr. Bingley’s father, when he was on a business trip to Yorkshire. That laid the groundwork, I believe, for Mr. Bingley’s acceptance.

Mr. Bingley asked to call on me that night, and has done so every day for the last fortnight! How wonderful it is to have such a handsome and friendly gentleman sit in the parlor across from me. We have discovered that our tastes are similar, and our dispositions appear to be the same. He is perfect!

Oh, Lizzy, how I wish you were here to meet him, and to share in my joy! I do not wish to be a burden, but perhaps, if you are not too busy in the coming weeks, you could visit? I have asked my aunt, and she approves of the scheme. Do say you will come!

Your loving sister,



Elizabeth jumped from her seat, overjoyed to read of Jane’s good news. Immediately, she penned a reply.


Dear Jane,

Do not go anywhere. I will arrive soon after this letter does.




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