Thursday’s 300: The Boys

Here is this week’s Thursday’s 300, though I admit that it’s more than 300 words. 😉

This is not part of a larger story, just a small writing exercise that I wished to share with my readers.

The Boys

“It is very quiet,” Elizabeth Darcy said to her husband of six months. “Should we go and see what they are doing?”

“The footmen have them well in hand, my love. You know how the servants enjoy looking after the little darlings.”

“True, but you know they run the poor men ragged. I vow I saw Jamison the other day with sweat running down the side of his face.”

“They are active little boys, I admit.”

Elizabeth snorted. “Active! That is an understatement if ever I heard one! Come, Fitzwilliam, even you are happy when they are off to the nursery after a few hours.”

“I am happy to see them go, but I am even more happy in the mornings when they come down and join me in the study.”

“I have yet to figure out how you get any work done with all that distraction.”

“I work successfully with you in my study, and you are even more of a distraction than the boys.” He bent his head toward her, nuzzling her cheek with his nose and kissing her gently when she tilted her head up.

“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“Ha!” Darcy laughed. “No, but it might get me another kiss.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at his smug grin, but laughed along with him. Bringing the discussion back to the topic at hand, she said, “If you truly believe all is well, then I will leave off and not worry about it.”

Darcy wrapped his arm around his wife’s shoulders, giving her a squeeze. “Trust me; if anything untoward occurs, the men know to find one of us immediately.”

“Very well, then. I am yours for the rest of the evening. Come kiss me again.”

Darcy did not have to be asked twice, and there followed a most pleasurable interlude. Suddenly, however, the door connecting the drawing room where they sat with the music room down the hall flew open, and the Darcys found themselves with laps full of eight-week-old mastiffs. Nero and Claudius licked their owners’ faces in exuberant glee. Within moments, a beleaguered footman rushed into the room, as well.

“I am so sorry, sir, madam! I only looked away for a moment, and they were gone; took off out the door whilst I was opening it to leave.”

“No worries, Dawson.” Darcy was quick to reassure his servant. “We were just now discussing the boys and their antics. Do be more careful next time, though.”

“Yes, sir. I will.” Dawson collected his charges to return them to their nursery for the night.


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