Thursday’s 300: Snow

This week’s Thursday’s 300 was written as I watched snow fall outside my window. Enjoy!


Darcy stood at the window of the extensive library at Pemberley, watching the snow softly fall. Already, the ground was covered with white. If he had to guess, he would say it reached to his ankles. Looking up through the top portion of the window, he could see the dark grey clouds that meant the snow was not going to stop soon.

Elizabeth paused at the door to the room. She could see her new husband standing at the window, looking out. He was so handsome that he took her breath away. That such a man would love her, Lizzy from Longbourn, was almost too much to believe. If not for the band of gold on her finger, she might think she was dreaming. Needing to be near him, she proceeded in further.

Darcy started when hands crept around his waist, but smiled as he felt the soft shape of his wife lean against his back as her arms encircled and squeezed him. Twisting, he wrapped his arm around her neck and shoulder, pulling her around to face him. Kissing her softly, he greeted her. “Hello, my love.”

“Hello, Fitzwilliam.” Elizabeth looked out the window at the snow. “It is getting quite deep, I think?”

“Not yet, though it will, by the looks of it.”

“How much do you think?”

“Judging by the sky, I would venture to guess the snow will be hip-deep by morning.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened. “Truly?”

Darcy laughed at the look on her face. “Would I lie to you?”

“I should hope not! It is only that I have never seen that much snow at one time before. In Hertfordshire, it rarely got deeper than just above our ankles. Perhaps a little more than what is out there right now.”

“Have you played in the snow?”

“When I was a child. Throwing snowballs at the boys in the neighborhood and sledding down Oakham Mount.”

“Ice skating?”

“Oh, no. Papa would not allow that. The pond near our house never froze solidly enough.”

“Well, I happen to know that the lake is already frozen here, or mostly so. By the time the storm ends, the ice should be nice and thick. Would you like to learn to ice skate?”

“Who will teach me?”

“I will, of course. Do you think I would trust your safety and instruction to anyone else?”

Elizabeth laughed. “Well, no, not really.”


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5 thoughts on “Thursday’s 300: Snow

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like them. It’s entirely possible that some might turn into full stories. I see them as exercises…plot bunnies, if you will…and a way to keep me writing every single day, even when life tries to prevent me doing so. 🙂

      • I can so relate to that. I am working to be sure that I write or proof at least 5 days a week this year. I have got to do some publishing this year, but hopefully, it won’t be as crazy as the last one.

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