Thursday’s 300: The Library

I wrote this week’s tidbit at the library, where I went to escape the dogs for a while and get some actual work done. LOL

This 300+ words is not part of a larger story. It’s just a little something to entertain and is totally separate from the rest of my little bits. 🙂


The Library

Elizabeth Darcy wandered Pemberley’s library, running her fingers along the spines of the books. She had been married a month, and introduced to Pemberley just a fortnight ago. She and her dear Fitzwilliam spent a great deal of time in this room every afternoon, and she was still amazed at the number of volumes it contained.

Every wall in the large room contained shelves, floor to ceiling, with an additional level above that also contained shelves bursting with books. Every shelf was filled to capacity with books of all kinds. There were histories, and poetry, and biographies, and so much more. Thankfully, there was a system of organization to it all, and it was easy enough to find anything Elizabeth wished to read. To her mind, this was a vast improvement over her father’s library, which had no system at all, only stacks of books all over the room. Coming to the section containing novels, she chose one that she knew would be an easy, mindless read, and settled into one of the large, comfortable chairs placed around the room.

An hour later, her husband found her, curled up with her book, fast asleep. He smiled tenderly, then gently removed the novel from her grasp and covered her with a blanket. Choosing a book of his own, he sat in the chair next to Elizabeth and settled in to wait out her nap.

A short while later, Elizabeth stirred; Darcy put his book down to watch her. She was so beautiful that he knew he would never tire of the activity, and he was grateful beyond measure that he would have that privilege for the rest of his life. He leaned over to whisper to her.

“Wake up, my love.”

“Mmmm,” Elizabeth moaned before she yawned and stretched. “Hullo, Darling.” She smiled sleepily at her husband, lifting her face to accept the kiss he had leaned in to give her.

The End

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