Thursday’s 300: Will’s Ego

Today’s post is inspired by my puppy, who “helps” me fold clothes and empty the grocery bags. 😀  jasper-and-rawhide


Will’s Ego

Liz Darcy chased the puppy through the family room and up the stairs. Finally catching him at the second-floor landing, she grabbed the sock he dropped with a triumphant cry.

“Liz? Are you okay?” Will’s question drifted up from the area of the kitchen.

Heading back down the steps, sock gripped firmly in hand and puppy giving eager chase, she called back, “Yes, I’m fine. Jasper grabbed a sock out of the clothes basket and took off with it. He has kept me running today. Every time I turn around, he is into something else.”

Will met her in the middle of the family room, leaning down to kiss her before kneeling to play with the energetic boxer puppy. “Are you giving mommy a hard time, Buddy?”

Liz snorted. “That’s putting it mildly.”

Laughing up at her, Will was knocked over on his side when Jasper made a wild leap for his face. Fighting the dog off took a few minutes, but eventually, Will was able to distract him by tossing a toy across the room. Standing quickly, he pulled Liz into his arms for a hug and a deeper kiss. “I missed you today.”

“Mmmm. I missed you, too. How was the big meeting?” Generally, Will worked from home, but today he met with his board of directors and a new client.

“It went well. I think we convinced the gentleman to hire us.”

“This is good; I should hate for the company to go down in flames because you have lost your Midas touch.”

His wife’s sass always delighted Will. “Down in flames? Never, minx!”

“Never?” Liz’s eyes twinkled. “Confident, are you? Watch your head doesn’t swell so big we have to widen the doorways.”

Will threw his head back and laughed. “That will never happen. I have you to keep me humble.”

“You better believe it!” Liz’s laughter was cut off by another of Will’s kisses.

The End

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