Thursday’s 300: Missing You

Today’s post is longer than 300 words, but I didn’t think you’d mind. 😉


Missing You

Elizabeth Bennet sat quietly in the window seat in her bedchamber. Her head was leaned against the glass, and an unfamiliar spirit of melancholy permeated her soul. Usually, Elizabeth was a happy woman. She was not formed for unhappiness, and was able to brush off or laugh away her troubles. Not today.

Today she waited for her betrothed. She had been waiting for days for Darcy’s return from London, where he had gone to take care of some matters of business, but he had been delayed by the horrible weather that had descended upon England’s southland the last few days. The roads were impassible, drenched and muddy. She had not even gotten a letter from him, because the post was also delayed.

Elizabeth missed him, terribly. Their path to love had been a long one, plagued by his arrogance and conceit and her hurt pride. But now, now that she knew him better and recognized his goodness, she loved him more that she thought would be possible. When they were separated, even for a night, she felt as though a piece of her was missing. Silent tears ran down her cheeks as she stared out into the gray mist.

“Lizzy! Come quickly! There is a rider that has just entered the paddock; Mama thinks it is Mr. Darcy!” Kitty’s loud call from the suddenly opened door made Elizabeth jump.


“Mr. Darcy is here! Come downstairs, stupid!”

“There is no need for name calling, Kitty. I was startled by your sudden appearance and did not understand what you said.”

Kitty rolled her eyes. “Very well; I am sorry. But come! Mama is having a fit of the vapors, and if you do not come down, she will become more agitated.”

“She is certain it was Fitzwilliam?” Elizabeth looked back out into the stormy weather. “It is too foul for anyone to be out and about.”

Suddenly, from belowstairs, came her mother’s voice. “LIZZY!!!”

Elizabeth jumped up and hastened down the stairs behind her younger sister. She rushed into the drawing room, an apology to her mother on her lips, but suddenly came to a complete stop, a look of wonder on her face. “Fitzwilliam!”

Fitzwilliam Darcy had barely time to open his arms before his beloved Elizabeth was in them. She threw herself at him with such force that she knocked him backward a step or two. He recovered quickly enough, however, and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to him. “Did you miss me, my girl?”

“I did! I thought you would be back days ago, but then the storms hit, and the roads got bad, and I just knew you’d not get through…” Elizabeth began to cry. “I am sorry,” she choked.

Darcy held her even tighter, rubbing his hand on her back. After letting her cry for a few minutes, he lifted her chin. “I could not bear it anymore, either. I had to see you or die trying. I love you more than I can say.” With those last whispered words, Darcy pressed his lips to hers, soothing them both with the assurance of his regard.

The kiss deepened, and they lost all sense of time. Finally, Darcy pulled back, more because he needed to breathe than because he cared to stop.

The End

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  1. Loved this scene. What I love most about your books is the love that you show us through their scenes together instead of just telling us.

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