Writer’s Journal: Planning

Welcome back to Austen Promises and the Writer’s Journal!

Today’s journal entry touches on a topic that is frequently on my mind. I have lots of ideas, and several stories in various stages of planning. I am usually a pantser, which, for those of you who are not in the know, means that I do little outlining, if any. I did once create what could whimsically be called an outline, and the book I wrote from it did very well, but I find, in general, that I can’t stick to what I wrote. In my most recent WIP, which I posted in excerpts here at Austen Promises on Thursdays, I had a list of ideas, but no calendars or outline or anything else, and I majorly veered away from that list! 

Also, it seems like any change in my routine throws me off and inhibits my writing. I’m working on that…I try to write twice a day for at least an hour. I’m not quite as productive that way, though I’m really close. The result of this inhibition is that I can’t say when I’ll finish a story. I might need it to be complete in a month, but it might take two. Not good when you are relying on that income, let me tell you!

I have a good friend who lays her books out for something like three months in advance. Not only that, but she is working at all times on three books. She’s editing one, writing one, and posting one on her blog. I’d love to be that organized! I did try, honestly I did, but within a month had tossed the idea in the trash. LOL  I do hope to one day be able to do something similar. It is certainly far more efficient than what I am currently doing! In the meantime, I will simply keep my nose to the grindstone, writing an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening during times that my routine is messed up, and writing in long stretches when I have my act together. 🙂

Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3

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