Inspirational Tuesday: God never made a promise

Welcome back to Austen Promises!

I have been giving much thought and consideration into how I want to use my blog and what I wish to share on it. I have tried many things in the past, but always got bogged down and then gave them up. I have done very well with Thursday’s 300, and so far, with the Writer’s Journal posts. I have observed other blogs and made notes to myself about what they have on them.

The features that attracted me the most were Wordless Wednesday, which I have tried before but was unable to maintain, and Positivity Monday. Leenie Brown is an expert at Wordless Wednesday. In fact, I got the idea from her. 🙂 Rose Fairbanks does Positivity Monday, as well as Wordless Wednesday.

In the end, I decided to sort of combine the two into Tuesday’s Inspiration. I will take a picture, sometimes one of my own but mostly ones I have gotten from pixabay, and add an inspirational quote. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will have seen some of them already. This gives me an excuse to  make more. 🙂 I will not post words, just the graphics. 🙂

Here is today’s Inspirational Tuesday meme:

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