Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth Excerpt #2

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This poor story still has no title! 🙁

I have been suffering from a pretty bad case of writer’s block recently, so I have not gotten much written. What I have here is raw. It has not been edited at all. Please be kind. 🙂

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Darcy sat down at his desk just as the door flew open. Seeing that it was his cousin, he did not bother rise again. Instead, he waved toward the decanters and asked, “Do you never knock?” Though his tone was annoyed, his head was down to hide his smirk.

Fitzwilliam snickered before smugly replying. “Of course I did, at the front door. Baxter let me in. How else did you think I would gain admittance? You keep this place locked up like a fortress.”

“With the crime in this city, I have to.” He looked his cousin up and down. “Just look at the riffraff that wanders in.”

Fitzwilliam affected a wounded look, his eyes growing large and his mouth falling open. His free hand pressed against his chest. “Me? Riffraff?”

Darcy rolled his eyes at his cousin’s dramatics. “Yes, you. Come, sit down and tell me why you are here.” He shook his head and chuckled.

“I had an hour or two before my meeting with the general and thought I would come visit my favorite cousin. And his wine.” Fitzwilliam winked, grinning at Darcy’s laugh.

“I would venture to say you would far rather visit my wine than me, eh, Fitz?”

The pair laughed some more and when their merriment had ceased, Fitzwilliam asked about the man he had seen leaving as he approached the front door. “Have you hired the Runners?”

Darcy set his drink down carefully and then looked up at his cousin and leaned forward. “I have hired an investigator, yes. I told you last week I had met a lady?”

Fitzwilliam’s brows rose and he nodded. “You did. Is it serious, then?”

“I should like it to be.”

“Do you doubt her character? Did you not tell me she has a connection in Lady Foxborough?”

“I did. It is not that I doubt Miss Bennet’s character; the Wickham affair has made me cautious. Miss Bennet has told me the story of how she came to be living with her uncle, but she cannot tell me everything. Some is gaps in her memory due to the accident, but there are details that simply do not make sense. Even Mr. Gardiner admits to some suspicions regarding the event, but he does not have the resources that I do. I want to know as much as I can about Miss Bennet before I proceed.”

“Very wise, especially given, as you so aptly called it, the Wickham affair. Is your heart engaged, then?”

Darcy leaned back in his seat once more, his gaze focused on the gleaming polished top of his desk. “Yes,” he admitted after a moment’s reflection. I believe it is.”


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