Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth #3

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Darcy took advantage of her distraction to reassure her. “I am happy to see you returning to yourself, Miss Bennet. I am pleased to be of service to you both.” Turning to Mrs. Gardiner, he added, “If you have need of anything else before I go, all you need do is ask.”

Maddie, having noticed out the carriage pull up outside of the window behind Elizabeth, replied. “Actually, I do, if you have a few minutes. I may require assistance outside.” She tipped her head to the carriage and then to her niece.

Darcy immediately understood, nodding his acquiescence. “Absolutely.” He watched as Mrs. Gardiner prepared Miss Bennet for the trip.

“Come, Lizzy. Someone is waiting for you outside.” She waited while Elizabeth rose to her feet, then hooked her arm through her niece’s and led her to the door, Darcy following.

Elizabeth stopped in Hatchards doorway, having seen the carriage waiting for her. She swallowed, pushing down her distress as best she could. She felt her aunt push her to move forward and Mr. Darcy move to her other side and take her arm, tucking her hand into his elbow. Elizabeth took another deep breath and forced herself to take another step, when a deep “woof” was heard and suddenly, the door to the carriage popped open and Brutus was standing on his hind legs before her, his front paws over her shoulder and his tongue busily licking her face. With a cry of relief, Elizabeth threw her arms around her dog, burying her face in his neck for a brief moment before pulling her head back and ruffling his fur. “Brutus! How did you get here? Get off me, now, and behave.”

Darcy had been so surprised at the appearance of the huge animal that he had been unable to react, but seeing Elizabeth’s reaction, and the way she instantly relaxed in the dog’s presence, he stepped back. It was obvious to him that the animal was hers, and the two were close. A small smile lifted his lips at the way a single word from the tiny young woman made the massive canine drop to a sitting position.

“I take it that you know this massive beast?” Darcy’s amusement was clear in his voice.


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