Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth, Part 5

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Today’s excerpt is a part of what I wrote last week. We get to see a little bit Darcy and Elizabeth interaction. They have not yet fallen in love; they’re still getting to know each other.

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The trio had wandered about for close to an hour when they stopped to sit for a few minutes on a bench that was charmingly arranged beneath the boughs of a shade tree. They continued to quietly converse amongst themselves until they were suddenly interrupted.

“Mrs. Gardiner, Miss Bennet, I am happy to see you both.” Mr. Darcy stood in front of them and bowed.

“Why, Mr. Darcy, what a surprise to see you here!” Maddie was truly delighted to see the young man again, and her smile was as clear in her voice as it was on her face.

Darcy smiled, his lips just lifting the corners of his mouth. “I was equally surprised to see you.” He turned to Elizabeth. “Are you well, Miss Bennet?”

Elizabeth had risen along with her companions, and she now curtseyed. “I am; I thank you. You must allow me to thank you again for your assistance at Hatchards. It was very much appreciated.”

“Think nothing of it. I would hope that, if it were my sister in such a position, someone would come to her aid. Speaking of whom, may I introduce her to you?”

“I should love to meet her; please do.”

Darcy introduced his sister, Georgiana, to Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle. He was happy to see that Georgiana did not retreat into herself, but instead responded to their warm greetings, blooming like a flower under their gentle welcome.

Elizabeth and Maddie both enjoyed meeting new people, and took to Georgiana right away. Both could see that she was shy, almost painfully so, and they took care to rein in their enthusiasm while at the same time being welcoming and friendly.

The group decided to walk together for a while, with Elizabeth and Georgiana taking the lead, and Darcy and the Gardiners behind them. Darcy smiled every time he heard his sister giggle. Forcing his attention to the Gardiners, he asked about Mr. Gardiner’s business.


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