Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth, Excerpt #6

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Today’s excerpt is a part of what I wrote last week. Darcy and Elizabeth are starting to fall in love. <3

This story is progressing well. It’s up to a little over 16,000 words. I hope to make it between 40,000 and 50,000, but won’t be surprised if it goes over.

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“So tell me, Mr. Darcy, what you think of the theatre? I recall you saying that you did not enjoy social events, but you did not mention plays or opera, or even musicales.”

Hands clasped behind his back, as they had been for several minutes now, Darcy gave her question thoughtful consideration. “I do enjoy plays, especially Shakespeare. I like to see how the actors’ interpretations compare to my own.”

“I do, as well. I often find differences, both large and small, between what I found in a particular story and what is portrayed on the stage. Have you ever found the differences too terrible to watch?”

“No,” Darcy confessed, “though I have at times wondered if a particular actor had never bothered to make a study of a particular work. In my opinion, if one is going to become a Shakespearean actor, one had best conduct an in-depth study of the gentleman’s works.”

Elizabeth hid a giggle behind her hand. “That is a very stern expression you wear to go along with your serious opinion.” She smiled when she recognized his discomfort with her words. “I am making sport of you; do forgive me. I sometimes forget that not everyone is familiar with teasing.”

Blushing, Darcy was quick to reassure her. “I took no offense. You are correct that I am unused to being teased. I am not opposed to it, however, at least, not from you.”

It was Elizabeth’s turn to blush. She could not fathom why Darcy would say such a thing to her, and she did not know exactly how to respond, so she remained quiet for a few minutes. Soon, though, she asked him something else.

“Of all the plays you have seen, which was your favorite?”

“Shakespeare’s?” At her nod, he said, “Henry V is my favorite. Since I already know,” he added with a grin, “that you will ask my reasons, I shall tell you at once. I prefer that work over the others because King Henry is described as being a certain manner of gentleman, one that I strive to be.”

“I can see that in you, that you try to emulate someone who is presented as a noble and just character. I think you do very well. I have heard my aunt say that the Darcys are reputed to be liberal masters in general, and that her old friends in the area say the same of you. Yes, you have done very well indeed.”


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