Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth, Excerpt #8

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I have hit a little bump in the road. I’ve not written in a week, though I have done some editing. I still hope to have the story finished in a week or so. I have not lost hope yet. 🙂  I don’t have quite 300 words here. Sorry about that!

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Darcy smiled at her words, looking down for a moment before looking into her eyes again. “It sounds as though he loved the estate.”

“He did. He had many fond memories of growing up there. My room had been his when he was a boy, and Jane’s had been his sister’s. His stories made the house feel alive, if that makes sense.” She inhaled, holding her breath and looking around as she searched for words. “He gave it a personality, if you will.” Elizabeth looked at Darcy to see understanding in his eyes.

“My father did the same with Pemberley.”

“It is hard to believe he is gone, and that I will never see my childhood home again.” Elizabeth’s eyes began to well with tears. Though she had almost a year of grieving behind her and had largely been able to face each day with equanimity, other than riding in carriages, every once in a while the reality of her loss slammed into her. She turned her face away, endeavoring to control her emotions.

Darcy immediately offered her his handkerchief. “My own father has been gone five years, and I still feel it at times, if it is any consolation. I think the loss of a parent, especially when one is so young, leaves a hole that never completely heals. Please do not feel uneasy about it.”


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