Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth, Excerpt #9

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I have edited the story to Chapter 8, out of which this excerpt is taken. I also added a few hundred words, but not many.  I had to take a day or two and figure out just where I want the story to go, but I should now be able to pound out the words. 🙂

I’m still aiming for story completion by next Tuesday, but I don’t know that I’ll make it.  I’m going to give it my best shot, though! 🙂

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“I will ask your uncle for more information, then.” Darcy proceeded to share with Elizabeth the rest of what he had told Gardiner. He was unsurprised, given the fiery nature he knew her to possess, that she reacted angrily.

“Watching the house?” Elizabeth’s eyes flashed and her jaw set. “Who does this man think he is? I assume you feel he is somehow involved in the accident, or knows who is?”

“I admire your quickness of mind,” Darcy replied with a warm smile. “I do, indeed, feel that this man is somehow connected to your accident. Either he is the perpetrator, was hired by him, or knows him some other way. Haynes will find out, whichever of the options ends up being true.”

Elizabeth had begun to pace as she listened. She stopped when a terrible thought came to her mind. Facing Darcy, she swallowed back a sense of fear. “If the accident was meant to kill us all, and it appears that it was, is it possible this person is trying to … finish what he started?” Elizabeth’s mix of emotions—anger, fear, and grief—were demonstrated when she flushed and then paled. She gripped the back of the chair beside her.

Brutus, who had lain on the floor at her feet while Elizabeth and Darcy spoke, sensed his mistress’ distress, and stood, padding over to her and leaning into her side. Automatically, her hand rose to rub the side of his massive head.

Softly, Darcy replied, “It is possible, but your uncle has put things in place to protect you while you are at home. I have offered to do the same while you are out and about, and Gardiner has granted his permission for me to do so.” He watched Elizabeth take comfort from Brutus’ presence.

Elizabeth turned his words over in her mind for a moment, her hand constantly stroking her dog and her eyes gazing at the animal. Finally, she lifted her face to Darcy. “Why would you do that?”


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