Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth, Excerpt #11

Good heavens! This story has taken entirely too long to write! Thankfully, I have the ending and a dinner party to write and I’m done. 🙂

This excerpt is from Chapter 11. I wrote it out on paper yesterday and typed it up today. I hope you like it!

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Darcy, who had insisted on being present and an active participant in the operation, spoke up. “My investigator noted Mr. Foxglove’s penchant for alcohol. Perhaps the call of the bottle was stronger today than that of his employment.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes but admitted that it was possible. “I feel exposed, walking about alone. I know it is unlike me, but this is not Meryton, and I am not the same person I was. And yes, Uncle, before you say it,” Elizabeth raised her hand to stop him from speaking when she saw him take a breath and open his mouth. “I know that I insisted on taking part and that this is likely the reason you did not want me involved in the first place. However, you cannot deny that having the real me out there is far better than having someone who looks like me. The weather is not cold enough yet to require bundling up, and my maid does not look enough like me to pass a close inspection. This is still the best option, and I intend to see it through.”

Gardiner subsided. “Very well. We shall stick to our plan and make another attempt tomorrow. I can think of no way to entice the man to action faster, can you, Darcy?”

Darcy had been admiring Elizabeth and lost the train of the conversation. He started upon being addressed, forcing his gaze from his betrothed’s rosy cheeks, snapping eyes, and enticing form. “I am sorry. You were saying?”

Gardiner chuckled. He knew full well what had so thoroughly captured Darcy’s attention. The man was clearly besotted.

“I said there is nothing we can do to force Foxglove’s hand.”

“That is sadly correct.” Darcy blushed furiously to see Gardiner’s amusement. He cleared his throat and twisted his neck to relieve the sudden pressure of his cravat. “We are forced to wait upon his whim, I fear.”


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