Thursday’s 300: To Save Elizabeth, Excerpt #13

I’m back with one more excerpt of this story.  Obviously, I changed my mind. Bahaha 😉

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At some point in the future, I am likely going to be adding a Friday race-themed story, as well. This story won’t be whole chapters, either, but it will be posted in its entirety on the blog.

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Later that day, having bathed and been seen by a physician, Elizabeth sat in the drawing room, ensconced in the most comfortable chair available and with Brutus sitting on her feet in front of her. Darcy was at her side, making certain she had everything she needed, and her aunt and uncle sat just a few feet away on a settee. Though her voice remained hoarse, Elizabeth recounted her harrowing ride in Collins’ carriage, answering questions and relating her feelings as she went.

“I am so sorry, Miss Bennet, that we were not able to intervene before Collins could get away with you.” Darcy had tortured himself all afternoon with what-ifs. He felt a tremendous amount of guilt that he had failed to protect Elizabeth from being kidnapped in the first place, despite his success in following the carriage and rescuing her within a short period of time.

Elizabeth rested her hand on his arm, feeling compassion for the torture Darcy clearly felt. “You are forgiven, sir. There was nothing anyone could do. Had you been any closer, Mr. Collins might have been made aware of your presence, and our charade might have had to continue indefinitely. You did the best you could under the circumstances. I would be a poor excuse for a woman if I were outraged. In any case, I knew it could happen. Though I was frightened, it was caused more by the carriage than anything else.”

Darcy lifted the corners of his lips into a small smile. “You are very kind.”

“What I am is truthful.” Elizabeth’s voice dropped to a whisper as she stared into Darcy’s eyes, wishing to convince him to give up his unease and accept her absolution.

In the end, after searching her face and recognizing her determination to allow him no blame, Darcy gave her what she wished for.

“Very well, Miss Bennet. I concede the field. It was not my fault, I did all that I could do, and nothing could have changed.”

Though Darcy’s expression was still somber, with sad eyes and a downward curve to his lips, Elizabeth could see that he would say no more about it. I must make him smile, Elizabeth thought.

“I am happy to hear you agree with me.” Elizabeth paused, raising a brow and allowing a twinkle to appear in her eyes. “If you had not, I should have been required to banish you to the drawing room of your cousin Anne.”

Darcy’s eyes widened in alarm, but he soon came to understand that Elizabeth was teasing him. He grinned, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. “You almost had me there, Miss Bennet.”


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