Thursday’s 300: Darcy Overhears, Part 3

This week’s episode of Darcy Overhears is another short one, because I have been editing my previous story. However, that is now done and I hope to have a longer excerpt for you next week.

This tidbit takes up where last week’s post ended.

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“The question is, what will you do now?” Hurst paused to sip his port. “You must take some action, and if you are the gentleman I think you are, you will.”

Darcy sighed. “Yes, I will. I will visit Longbourn as early as is decent tomorrow, and ask to see Mr. Bennet. However, I should do what I can to remove Wickham from the area, as well.”

Bingley nodded. “If it can be done, it would be a good thing.”

Darcy glowered at his glass. “I believe it could, but may take time. I will write to my cousin; he may have some way of transferring the cur to the regulars. I will also speak to the merchants. If he has enough debt, perhaps he can be sent to debtor’s prison.”

Hurst set his empty glass on the table beside his chair. “Excellent plan.” Pushing himself to a standing position, he bowed to his brother and Darcy. “I believe I shall retire. I have a comely wife who misses me. Good evening.”

Bingley shook his head as he looked after his sister’s husband. “To hear him talk, he is madly in love with her.”

Darcy raised a brow as he looked at his friend. “You believe he does not?”

Making a face, Bingley looked back down at the drink in his hand. “He seemed to when they were courting, but since the honeymoon, he has spent increasingly more time sleeping or at sport.” He lifted his glass, draining the last of the port from it.

“Well,” Darcy began, as he set his own glass on the table and stood. “Think about who inhabits his household.”

Bingley stood, as well. “True.”

The two departed then for their respective rooms, though only one would sleep well.


The next morning, Darcy headed on horseback to Longbourn, Bingley and Hurst riding alongside. The two had insisted on accompanying him.

“Knowing that Miss Elizabeth dislikes you, it is possible that she has informed her family of her feelings,” Bingley explained. “It may make Mr. Bennet less inclined to listen to you. However, they all like me, and my presence may give the story credence.”

Darcy stared at his friend for a full minute as he mentally debated how to respond, but in the end, he simply nodded and let it go. He could not argue with Bingley’s logic.

Now here they were, riding into the paddock at Longbourn. They dismounted, handing the reins to the boy who ran up from the stables, and knocking on the door.

“Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley, and Mr. Hurst to see Mr. Bennet, if you please.”

“Do come in. The master is in his book room. I will see if he is accepting callers this morning.” The Bennets’ housekeeper took the gentlemen’s hats and gloves, and scurried off down a hallway. Darcy took the time to examine the entry, making note of the clean space and stylish decorations. Mrs. Bennet seems well able to manage a household, despite her outlandish behavior, he thought.

Soon, the housekeeper returned, declaring that Mr. Bennet was able to receive them and asking them to follow her.


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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s 300: Darcy Overhears, Part 3

  1. I think this is difficult to read in some areas because of the colors of the print on the background. But, I manage with some effort. 🤣

    • I am so sorry! On my devices and laptop, it’s light purple or light purple and white, but a friend just told me that on her phone, it goes from light purple to dark. I’ll look into ways to fix it, but in the meantime, I’ll suggest using a laptop to read on. Thanks for alerting me about it! 🙂

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