Writer’s Journal: Dealing with changes

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As I write this post, I have just completed posting my Inspirational Tuesday post for the week on Patreon. I scheduled the post on my blog first, and ended up incredibly frustrated and far angrier than I needed to be on a Sunday. You see, WordPress is experimenting with a new editor called Gutenberg. I got a notice a few weeks ago that it would be changing, so I went ahead and activated it, thinking I would be ahead of the game when they rolled it out. No. Oh, no. Nope. Uhuh. It wasn’t too bad the first week or two but has gone steadily downhill, to the point that I was ready to throw something. Or shoot it. Or something. I sent feedback last week, telling them (the developers) how hard it was to use. This week was worse. So, I sent more feedback. Then, I deactivated Gutenberg. If they try to force it on me, I’m deactivating WordPress and finding another blog system to use. I told them this in my feedback, by the way. Change is difficult for me, and I had already spent the morning dealing with another change in my life, so it could be that the WordPress change was just too much in too short a time period. I had to attend a new church today, because my old one (that I dearly loved) closed its doors unexpectedly four weeks ago. I have not been in church since, until today, and I could tell. I desperately needed to be there, so I sucked it up and went. Church and WordPress are not the only changes I must deal with, either. At some point this week, my bank is going to change their website. O_o I emailed them, too. “Why fix it? It’s not broke! Please don’t do this!” *sigh* Soon, I’ll have to change the provider through whom I do paperbacks, as Createspace is slowly being phased out, or so it seems. I need to make a decision about buying ISBN numbers. Do I buy some, or go through KDP and use theirs? The latter just makes my skin crawl, which means I’m going to have to plunk down some serious cash and buy a block of ISBN’s. Some will tell me that life is all about change, and that nothing ever stays the same. I get that, I really do. Some change is good. Some is even easy. But for those of us who are not necessarily quick-witted, it’s difficult, as a rule. In my experience, most changes do not make anyone’s life easier, though I suppose they do keep people in jobs. Do changes frustrate you? If they don’t, how do you handle them? Do you think it’s more a mental mindset, or is it based on personality, the ability of a person to handle or not handle change? Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3

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4 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal: Dealing with changes

  1. Poor Zoe. Hang on girl. Change is hard for me too. I’m better at learning new than change. Take a deep breath and tackle one thing at a time. All these things at once is too frustrating.

    • Very frustrating! I will follow your advice and deal with one thing at a time. Good thing I enjoy learning, right? 😀

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