Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #2

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Today we have just under 700 words of our race story. It’s been run through Grammarly and listened to, but I’m sure it needs editing for something or other. LOL

This story flows so well once I begin writing that I hate to stop! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! <3

For those who missed the first post, you can find it here.

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Will watched his wife, his smile growing at her words. Turning to Jason, he asked if the crew chief required anything else from him.

“No, I think I have everything I need. I can call if I have any more questions.”

Will nodded. “I’m going to head back to the motorhome, then. I’m taking Liz out for steak, but we won’t be gone long.”

“Have fun, then!” Jason waved Will and Liz off, turning to the car chief and engaging him in a discussion about the engine.

The Darcys walked out of the garage and sat in the golf cart, with Liz at the wheel. Will never felt a need at the track to be the driver, unless he was in his racecar. Liz didn’t mind carting him around everywhere on the weekends. She loved the zippy little cart. She soon had them back at their motorhome, where Will jumped into the shower while Liz fielded phone calls from other drivers wanting to join them for their dinner date.

When Will ducked from the small bathroom into the bedroom, Liz followed him. “Honey, Bingley, TJ, Brandon, and Denny have all called, asking if they can come along to eat with us and bring their wives and girlfriends. I told them I’d text them back after I had asked you.”

Will thought for a minute. “Well,” he said after a bit of contemplation. “I had hoped to have you all to myself, but if you don’t mind them joining us, I don’t mind.” He pulled a clean t-shirt on, tucking it into his form-fitting jeans. “I’d rather meet them there, though.”

Liz dipped her head. “Okay. I’ll let them know.” She turned around and moved a few paces away, stopping in front of the motorhome’s refrigerator to send the text message. Then, shoving her phone in her pocket, leaned against the sink to wait for her husband.

Thirty minutes later, the group of drivers and significant others were seated at a large table, giving the waitress their drinks orders. As the server moved away to get their beverages, TJ began teasing Bingley.

“Getting married in Ohio, eh?”

Bingley laughed. “Yeah, Janey’s parents wanted us to, so we went with it.”

TJ’s girlfriend, SueAnn, leaned forward to look past Bingley to Jane. “It’s hard to keep everyone happy, isn’t it? That’s part of why TJ and I have not married.”

“Well,” TJ corrected, “that and, why fix it if it ain’t broke?” He laughed, and everyone laughed with him.

SueAnn rolled her eyes. “You just better make sure it ‘ain’t broke,’” she bracketed her words with air quotes, “before you decide it doesn’t need fixing.” Throwing her boyfriend a quick glare, she looked back at Jane.

Jane smiled at the antics of the group. “It is difficult, yes, but I feel obligated, and I do wish to honor my parents.”

Liz was seated across the table from her sister. “Poor Jane has had to suffer for my bad behavior,” she said to SueAnn. “I’m sorry, Sis.”

Jane shook her head, leaning into Bingley, who had put his arm around her. “It’s not your fault, Liz. Mom and Dad …,” she struggled to describe her parents without being negative. Not able to find words, she ended up sighing heavily. “I do not understand them. I know, though, that Mom was disappointed that she could not plan Liz’s wedding, and it really does not hurt me to allow her to do mine, so … I did.”

“Does not hurt you much, anyway,” Bingley interjected, his tone low and disapproving.

“Charles.” Jane’s voice was soft. Her fiance’s reaction was to shake his head and squeeze her shoulder.

Elizabeth watched silently. She wished with all her heart that Jane would display some of the backbone Liz knew she had and set boundaries with their mother. Jane, however, was soft-hearted. And Mom knows just how to play her, Liz thought in disgust.

“How will you handle the rift in the family?” TJ, along with everyone else at the table, knew of the Bennets’ rejection of Liz for marrying in Las Vegas and without her parents present.


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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #2

  1. So we get another wedding in this book! I like that. I know from this discussion that it will be a difficult event. I look forward to reading more and find it hard to wait for Friday as I really enjoy the racing books.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean about waiting! I’m only writing a few hundred words at a time and am wishing I could devote an entire month to writing it. 🙁 I’m really glad you like it, though. It’s the encouragement of readers here that keeps me going with this one, since I know few will buy it.

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