Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #4

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Today’s post will wrap up Chapter 1. It’s not as long as some others, largely because I wasn’t sure where to go with it. I have some ideas for plot points, but I might just pants it and see where it takes me. 🙂

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The group went silent, each looking at the other and then at Liz and Will.

“You haven’t met my mother, so there’s no way for you to know this, but …” Liz began.

“Mama is, um … outspoken?” Jane looked at Liz. “When she is unhappy.”

Liz, Will, and Charles all snorted.

“Yeah, ‘outspoken.’ That’s being nice.” Will shook his head.

Liz took over. “If Will and I attend the reception and my mother sees us, she will begin to screech at the top of her lungs and shout accusations at us before collapsing into a ‘faint.’” Liz emphasized the last word with air quotes. “She’ll make a huge scene and ruin the day for Jane and Charles. My father will just let her go, too, and not just because he is angry with me.”

“He never tries to calm Mom down.” Jane blushed. She tried to be nice all the time, but the strain of it all had begun to get her down.

“Well,” Chris said, “I guess I can see why you’d not want to upset her, but if it were me, and if Jane and Bingley okayed it, I’d be at that reception. It’s their wedding,” he gestured to the engaged couple, “and it’s their choice.” Chris shrugged. “I defy anyone to keep me out of someplace I want to be that badly.”

“He has a good point,” TJ said.

Denny agreed. “I have an aunt like that. I can’t see her stopping me by pulling shenanigans like that.” He looked at Bingley and Jane. “It’s your wedding. If you want Liz and Will, put your foot down. Even if your parents are paying for it, you’re the bride, Jane. Tell your mother to suck it up and deal.”

Murmurs around the table indicated everyone’s agreement with Denny’s words. The subject was dropped after that, and they all went home with a lot to think about.


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4 thoughts on “Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #4

  1. Are you trying to frustrate me!!! You know I love the racing stories and you are giving me such little snippets each weeks. 🙁 I hope that Jane and Charles will grow a back bone with this and either tell her parents to deal with Elizabeth and Will’s presence or they can elope like Lizzy did. That would probably do the trick. Jane needs to get tough and standup for herself!

    • I’m honestly not trying to frustrate you. I promise. It’s just that I only have an hour or so each week to write on this story, and I got seriously stuck last week.

      I agree about Jane … she needs to tell her parents to back off! I had not thought about an elopement for them, but that’s an idea. Not Vegas though … I’m thinking Paris or somewhere like that on an off week … Thanks for the idea! <3

  2. Temporarily, I had forgotten how much animosity existed after Liz and Darcy had married without her mother planning the wedding. I had really forgotten that her dad was also angry. Now I am angry!! If it were 1815, her mother would be delighted that she had met and married a wealthy, successful man! This is most interesting. I hope they stand up to them. Darcy is a fierce man, he could put the fear of God in both of her parents!!! Which I hope he does!

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