Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #6

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Today’s post will end Chapter 2 and begin Chapter 3. It’s a little over 1,000 words, a nice, long post.  I confess I’m rather excited to be able to write again. <3

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In an apartment in London, Caroline Bingley scrolled through search results on her tablet.  Every item mentioning Will Darcy linked him with his new wife. She gritted her teeth.

Caroline had been essentially banished by her brother, Charles, after an unfortunate incident more than a year ago. Clearly, Will had misunderstood her intentions when she spoke sharply to that fan that was pestering him. Why he did not return her calls and texts, she would never understand. She shook her head. Did he not realize they were destined to be together?

The more she thought about Will’s reaction to the altercation, and the indignities she had been forced to endure, the angrier she got. She had been arrested by Pennsylvania State Troopers, right there at the track. A more backward state she had never been in. And those cops … they were every bit as unrefined as the state they worked for. Too bad, that, Caroline thought, those uniforms were downright sexy. Bringing her thoughts back to the topic at hand, she gripped the tablet harder as she remembered being processed at the jail and forced to stay in a small cell. For a week, she rotted in that tiny room, forced to eat slop and shower in the presence of other women. Caroline shuddered at the memory.

In the end, she was hauled before a judge and told a second time that she could have no contact with Will. The attorney who represented her, a friend of her father’s, had gone on and on about being grateful the fan did not press charges. Caroline rolled her eyes at the memory.

Looking back at the tablet’s screen, she felt herself grow tense and hot, her face burning. She gritted her teeth, finally throwing the device away from her. “Will Darcy is mine. Mine! I don’t care what anyone says. I’ll show that interloper that she cannot come between us.”


At the track, located in the northern part of Nevada, an hour or two east of Reno, Liz rejoined Will and Jeff after they had completed their interview. They made small talk for a few minutes, until Jeff had to leave for his next appointment.

After shutting the door behind his visitor, Will came back up the steps and behind Liz where she stood in front of the sink, wrapping his arms around her waist and tipping his head down to kiss her neck. “Hey, Beautiful.”

Liz leaned her head to the side to give him easier access. “Hey, Gorgeous. How did it go?”

Will nuzzled Liz’s ear. “It went well. Jeff has a feature on his website where he shares these interviews. He had twenty questions for me to answer.”

“Mmmm,” Liz said, enjoying her husband’s attention. “What kind of questions?”

Will punctuated his next responses with more kisses up and down the column of his wife’s neck. “Some were personal.” Kiss. “Some were about DRI.” Kiss. “And some were about qualifying.” Kiss. “Practice.” Kiss. “And tomorrow’s race.” Kiss.

“Nice,” Liz sighed.

Will chuckled, uncertain if she was still talking about the interview. He turned her around, planting his lips on hers for a deep, satisfying exchange, before pulling away to grin at the dazed look on her face.

“Why did you stop?” she asked, clutching his arms.

“Because we are going go-kart riding with Bingley and Jane, remember?” Will pulled Liz close and rubbed her back.

Liz clung to Will, sighing as she tried to force her brain to work once more. “I do remember.” She looked up at him. “We will continue this later?”

Will grinned, giving Liz the same dazzling smile he had the day they met the previous race season. “You can count on that.” He winked as she laughed and let him lead her out the door.

Chapter 3

The next day was race day, and Liz, as always, was atop Will’s pit box. She sat in the second row of seats, behind Jason and the car chief, and her hands were full of her phone and Will’s. On her head was her headset, its scanner clipped at her waist and tuned to Will’s channel. Her husband was strapped into his car, waiting for word from Digger to start his engine. The radio was quiet as the teams listened for the famous words that began every race, “Drivers, start your engines!”

For this race, a pair of actors who starred in a soon-to-come-out movie gave that command, and they goofed around, trying to make the crowd laugh while they did it. Liz rolled her eyes, knowing Will would, as well, if he could hear them.

Finally, though, Digger’s voice crackled over the airwaves. “Fire it up.” Liz heard the roar of forty-three cars as they all started at once. It was a thrill she was sure she’d never tire of.

For the next three and one-half hours, the only thing on Liz’s mind was tracking Will’s progress and sending out social media updates on both cell phones.

The race was in its final dozen laps when the heretofore routine and almost mundane race saw some action. Gavin Carreras in the number 43 car drifted up and scraped the wall. Liz could see on the television monitor that sat between Jason’s laptop and that of the car chief that Gavin’s right rear tire was rubbing, causing smoke to rise. Two turns later, the car spun out of control, going up the track and smacking his back end off the wall, and drifting back down, right into Will’s path. With no way to avoid Gavin, Will scraped his number 20 car all down the right side. Race control threw the yellow caution flag, and the lights all along the track changed from green to amber.

“You okay, Will?” Jason asked, keying his mic.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Not so sure about the car.” Disgust dripped from Will’s voice.

“Pit road is closed.” Digger waited until Will lifted off his mic to tell both Will and Jason. If Will tried to come down pit road while it was closed, he would be penalized by SCRA; they had had a rough day as it was and needed to stay on the lead lap to gain maximum points.

“As soon as we open up down here, I want you to bring it in,” Jason told Will.

“Ten-four.” “Can we get you anything when you come?”

“My wife for a kiss.”

Liz giggled. She watched Jason and ____ laugh and shake their heads, then heard Jason’s reply in her ear. “Pretty sure that’s against the rules, or I’d oblige.”

“Dang.” Will was clearly amused by the conversation, judging by the chuckle that underlined his words.

The story continues here …


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  1. Thank you so much for such a long post!!!!! I had totally forgotten about Caroline and her part of the story. It is obvious just from the brief snippet, she is not in her right mind, and I cannot wait to she what she is going to do. I look forward to another long post next week!

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