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Today’s post will end Chapter 3. It’s another nice, long post. <3 We left off in the middle of a race scene last week, so we pick it up there today.

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Sixty seconds later, Digger came back on the radio. “Pit road is open.”

“This time, Will.” Jason switched the channel to give the guys his instructions: gas, four tires, and a visual on the wheel wells and spoiler of the car.

When Will came screeching into the pit box, his crew of five was standing on the wall, tools in hand. He no more than stopped than they sprang into action. The front tire carrier, front tire changer, and jack man ran around the front. The rear tire carrier and tire changer sped around the back, and the gas man shoved the spout of the ninety-pound gas can into the filler hole on the car. Within seconds, the gas man was switching his empty can for a full one and topping the car off, and the tire carriers and changers had hurried around to the driver’s side to change the rubber on that side.

Though Will generally mashed the gas as soon as he felt the car drop off the jack on his side, Jason had warned him to wait so one of the guys could tug on the right rear fender. Though he knew every second counted, he trusted Jason and the crew to be able to make up the time—and possibly the laps he went down—later. Every muscle on alert, he waited for the signal.

“Go, go, go! All the way out, all the way out.”

At Jason’s voice, Will shot out of the pit box to the far right lane of pit road.

“Watch your speed,” Digger reminded him. “Pace car is in turn four. Bring it up on the track. Come on, come on. Good work, man.”

Will nudged the gas, shooting forward and smoothly navigating the turns, finally reaching the back of the field. He hung out there for a couple minutes, until Digger told him where he needed to be, at which time he drove up through the other cars to his position and settled in. By this time, there were only seven laps left to race and every driver, Will included, was ready to race hard and get the best finish possible.

In the end, Will came in tenth. He drove the car back to pit road, shut it off, unhooked his equipment, and climbed out. Liz was waiting for him with a towel, a bottle of his favorite sports drink, and a ballcap with his sponsor’s logo on it. He kissed her as he took the towel. He wiped the sweat off his face and neck, then leaned against the car and chugged down half the bottle of blue stuff. “Thanks, Babe. That hit the spot.”

“Never let it be said I don’t know how to take care of my man,” Liz replied with a wink, just as a news crew approached. Will graciously gave an interview; as the current champion, fans were eager to get his take on the events of the race, and Will knew it. He was grateful, though, when it was over and he could sling his arm over Liz’s shoulders and make his way to her golf cart for the trip back to the motorhome.

Charlotte, North Carolina, Two days later

Caroline plodded off the plane, exhausted. It had taken more than twelve hours to fly from London, due to a delay at Heathrow. Then, the plane had been forced to land in New York due to a medical emergency with one of the passengers. After a whole lot of senseless to-do, in Caroline’s opinion, anyway, the jet had finally taken off once more. Now back on solid ground, Caroline pulled her luggage off the baggage carousel as she called a limousine service to pick her up.

While she waited for the car, she used her phone to do another search for Will Darcy and his wife. She zoomed in this time on Liz, wondering what Will saw in her. There’s hardly a good feature in her face. Her smile is crooked, her cheeks too full, and brows too heavy. Shivering at the image she saw, Caroline mentally congratulated herself on her classic beauty and perfect, snow-white smile.

Looking at her watch, Caroline wondered what was taking the limo driver so long. She stood and paced back and forth as her mind turned back to her mission. She made plans in her mind, picturing Will’s look of relief when Liz divorced him, and he realized Caroline was still willing to have him. When the car pulled up, she settled herself into the back seat, ignoring the driver as he put her luggage in the trunk. First, she thought, I’ll catch up on some sleep, then in a couple days, I’ll begin.

Darcy Racing, Incorporated Headquarters, three days later

Liz and Will walked out of the race shop holding hands.

“Who’s flying us today?” DRI had several planes and pilots, and Will was licensed to fly, as well. He often flew Liz to other cities to shop. She liked to tease him that an airplane was no different than a car to him.

“I am,” Will replied. “Why?” He looked down at her with a grin, “You thinking to have your way with me once we get in the air?”

“No, you insanely arrogant man.” Liz bumped him with their joined hands. “I was just curious.”

Will laughed. “Yeah, right.”

Rolling her eyes, Liz shook her head and ignored him. “Is Coach coming along?”

“Not with us. Jerry will fly him out later, probably tomorrow. The doc lifted some of his restrictions, but he’s still supposed to take it easy.” Arriving at Will’s pickup truck, he opened the door and helped Liz up and into the seat. He shut the door and jogged around the back, hopping in the driver’s seat while Liz leaned over and started the ignition.

“Will Georgie come this weekend?”

“She will. She’s still anxious about being separated from Dad.”

Liz nodded. “That’s understandable, I guess. She has made great progress with the therapist. She’s due to make Honor Roll this quarter. I spoke to her teacher the other day, and the woman was impressed with Georgie’s turnaround. After the first quarter, Mrs. Edwards wasn’t sure she would pass at all.”

“It’s amazing how that accident changed her perspective.” Will backed out of the parking space, then put the truck in “drive” and rolled to the end of the driveway.

“I think your dad’s heart attack had a lot to do with it.” Liz watched as Will looked both directions, twice, then pulled out of the lot.

“Maybe. I’m just glad she’s turned back into the sweet girl she was before she got tangled up with George Wickham. I’m proud of her.”

“Yes, I am too. I made sure to let her know about it.” Liz watched the North Carolina trees whiz past the window.

“Good.” Will reached across the console and grabbed his wife’s hand. Intertwining his fingers with hers, he squeezed. “This is great practice for when we have kids, you know.” He laughed. “I never thought I’d find something positive about being a dozen years older than my only sibling.”

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4 thoughts on “Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #7

  1. Zoe, I feel like I just get started and then; the end. This is an awesome book and I will back peddle and purchase the other race books I missed. Very exciting and fast paced, just like the industry.

  2. Okay, you gave me more, but . . . I can hardly wait to see what Caroline will get up to. I thought she would be arrested if she came back tot he states? I cannot wait to see what trouble she gets into. Since she is so delusional, I imagine she will cause trouble for Elizabeth when Darcy shows no interest in leaving his wife.

    • It’s been well over a year at this point, and restraining orders only last for so long. She’s going to lay pretty low for a while, though.

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