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I’m sure I’ve mentioned my home office once or twice, but I thought it might be nice to give you some idea of what the room looks like. 🙂

I live in a house that was built in 1910. The floors are, by and large, wood. In my home office, my “writing cave,” the floor is painted wood. After almost three years of living here, they could use a repaint, but I’m not sure when I’d do that. The parts I walk on are in the worst shape, of course. I have a wooden chair thingy that my rolling office chair sits on, so that helps some.

Speaking of my chair, I recently got a new one. It’s supposed to be ergonomic, but my desk is too high, so I have a blanket folded up on the seat to raise me up. It’s hard on my lower back, but until I can buy a good cushion, I have to deal with it.

My desk is well-used and abused. The day I moved, we had a horrible rainstorm and the back got wet, so now the drawer and door on my right won’t shut properly because the back is coming off. I need to grab the hammer one day and try to nail it back together. Probably right around the time I paint the floor. LOL

What I’d really like is a new desk, one that’s a bit smaller. However, I also need a bigger monitor, which would mean I’d have the laptop plus two extra monitors, so I’m not really sure how much smaller I can really go. A bigger monitor would mean less eye strain and fewer headaches, so I could call it a must, if I wanted. I guess I need to set a budget for it and then look for sales.

I have bookshelves in my office. They are wooden and have tension rods with curtains hung off them to hide what’s on the shelves. One unit has office supplies, and the other has mostly books. They’re about half my books and half other JAFF authors. On top of the bookshelves, I have a stereo that I never play, two small plastic drawer units stacked on top of each other, the wifi range extender, and various other items. Above the one shelf is a caricature of me that was done several years ago at Cedar Point and an artsy thing I did when I lived in Wellsville and hosted the Ladies’ Ministry of my church in my home. Oh, and I have my mom’s globe here, too, on top of the plastic drawers.

I have a big, laminated, four-month calendar hanging on one wall. I put two nails in the wall and punched holes in the calendar to hang it off them, because tape did not stick to the wallpaper. I have some decorations on that wall between the calendar and the door that reflect who I am and what I love.

I have a worktable to my left that is always stacked with stuff. It seems like every single day I have to clean that thing off. It’s rather annoying. LOL

The table is actually a tailgating table I found at Walmart when I was teaching online. It’s the perfect size for what I needed. I would have preferred a sofa table or something, and someday I might get one, but for now, this works perfectly.

The room is not prettily decorated or organized, in my opinion. The air conditioner for the room gets stored right beside the window all winter, and there are things currently stacked on top of it and beside it, including my little recording box for when I record books.

I actually think that this room is pretty ugly, despite the beautiful wallpaper and gorgeous woodwork. The room shares a closet with my bedroom and it is full of my clothes, so my work stuff is just kind of hanging out. I should think about getting a small armoire of some kind, I guess.

I have a bad habit of bringing food up here. I have killed two ants in as many days on my desk, and once found mouse poop in the top of the Kleenex box. :/ I often end up with half my dishes up here in the office, stacked on the printer and work table. I’ve worked hard the last week or so to keep that from happening. It just causes more problems than it’s worth. I’m trying to stick to snack foods like jars of peanuts and bags of pretzels and leave the actual dishes in the kitchen. I’m trying, anyway.

Do you work from home, or have a hobby room? What’s your room look like?

Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3

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4 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal: My writing space

  1. “… when I lived in Wellsville…”You don’t by any chance mean Wellsville, NY, do you? Most likely not, I realize. There must be a few other towns with that name …

  2. I love old houses and yours looks amazing. The craftsmanship of the doors and surrounds is really beautiful. A few months ago you joined a LLS broadcast from a different place in your house and I could see leaded glass in the background. What a wonderful house you have!

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