Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #10

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Here’s the beginning of Chapter 5. It’s a little shorter than the last few, but I came to a scene break and didn’t want to cut us off in the middle of the next scene. 🙂

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Chapter 5

Later that evening, Will put in a call to Bingley.

“She what?”

“She accosted me as I came out of the mall with your stuff,” Will explained a third time. “Clearly, you didn’t expect her return.”

“No,” Bingley said flatly, “I did not. She was on a three-year contract with a very expensive buyout required to break it.”

“She told us it was a temporary position.”

Bingley groaned. “Liz was with you? This is so not good.”

“Yes, she was, and I spent a good hour at New Line Lake reassuring her of my happiness with her. Your sister did a number on her confidence, but I was proud of Liz … she got right between Caroline and me and gave your sister what-for. I was sure Caro would end up with a broken nose for her trouble.”

“Really?” Bingley laughed. “You stopped her? That’s too bad, because if anyone deserves it, my sister does.” After a few more minutes of laughter, he grew serious. “I’m sorry, Will. I had no idea she was back. She hasn’t called me. I should be back in town tomorrow; if she doesn’t answer her phone tonight, I’ll start searching for her as soon as we land.”

“How’s it going with the Bennets?”

“The same as always. Jane seems to be getting tired of it, though. She snapped at her mother yesterday and told her it was our wedding, and we’d do things as we liked them to be.”

Will’s brows rose. “Wow. Liz didn’t tell me that.”

“I’m not sure Jane has talked to Liz in the last couple days. Mrs. B. has run us ragged since we got here.”

Will rolled his eyes. “Yeah, Liz warned me about that when she and I married, but then everything fell apart and it didn’t happen. I’m not upset; I hate being on display, especially at events where I don’t know anyone.”

Bingley laughed again. “You can be a bear in those situations. We’re all happy you were spared it.”

Darcy chuckled and shook his head. “I have to go. Be careful coming home.”

“I will, thanks. And thanks for telling me about my sister. I’ll see you in a couple days.”

Will hung up the phone and grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator before joining Liz out on the back deck. The house they had purchased was an old farmhouse smack dab in the middle of one hundred acres of what used to be a tobacco farm. The home had been renovated and expanded by a previous owner but still maintained the homey feel, which is what attracted Will and Liz. Part of the renovation work had been the addition of a wide cedar deck that wrapped all the way around the house. The backyard contained a pond, and Liz enjoyed spending their evenings on the deck when they were at home. It was private and quiet, and she often told Will she needed both to recharge. Now, as he lowered himself into the Adirondack chair next to hers, he took a minute to soak the atmosphere in.

When Will sat in the chair next to her without saying anything, Liz reached her hand over the arm of her chair and touched him. She sighed to herself when he entwined his fingers with hers and leaned back. “It’s so peaceful out here. I love this place.”

Will lifted Liz’s hand and kissed her fingers, then lowered it again. “It is. I see why you love it out here so much.”

Liz rolled her head to the side to look at him. “There were deer out here last night, four of them. They chased each other and jumped around like they were putting on a show just for me.”

Will chuckled. “I’m sorry I missed that. It must have been quite a sight.”

“Oh, it was.” Liz grinned and turned her head to examine the huge yard once more. “It’s staying light later, too. That makes it all better.”

At this, Will laughed out loud. “Soon it will be so hot and muggy that you’ll have to wait until nearly dark to sit out here.”

Liz joined her husband’s laughter. “I just can’t get over the difference between here and Ohio. Up north, it’s still too cold to sit outside. Here, you’re already mowing the grass!”

Will grinned and shook his head, but had nothing to say in reply.

“Did you call Charles, then?”

“I did. He was shocked that Caroline is back in the States.”

“He’s not the only one. Did he have any advice?”

“Not really.” Will summarized the call for Liz.

“Well,” Liz rolled her eyes in the growing darkness. “I guess we just move on with our lives and wait for your attorney to call back.”

The story continues here … 


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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #10

  1. Oh, I wish it had been longer. I am like your Liz in that I love being able to look at the water. I guess that comes from growing up on the east coast and spending so many summers at the beach. I hope Jane does put her mother in place about the wedding and more. I also cannot wait to see what will happen with Caroline. As delusional as she is I am expecting she will try a kidnapping at the least. How are Mr. Darcy (the elder) and Georgiana doing? Will they be making an appearance? Where are Jane and Bingley going to live? Cannot wait for next Friday!!!

    • Caroline is definitely going to try something wild. Coach and Georgie are doing well. I’m not certain if and when they will appear. I have to put some thought into it. Jane and Bingley will live in a town near Charlotte, NC, just like Will and Liz do. I have not chosen their specific location yet. I’ll need to do some real estate searches. 😉

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