Writer’s Journal: Snacking while you write

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I need to warn you that this is one of those posts I have mentioned before where I discuss my faith.


I have a serious conundrum.

I love to eat. If you’ve ever seen a picture of me, this quickly becomes pretty obvious to you. And, I love to eat sweet things. I have an intense dislike for salty and plain, but I adore sweet.

I have worked hard to move away from sweet snacks. It’s been very hard. VERY. HARD. I have managed to substitute things like nuts for cookies and popcorn – light, because I don’t like greasy, either – for Hershey’s syrup. I’ve been known to swig that stuff right out of the bottle, you know. Often, I have run out of snacky things and had to pray my way through an evening or walk to the store a quarter mile or so away and grab something.

Now for my conundrum. I have discovered that if a snacky food is here, and I have it in my office (for convenience’ sake, of course), I will end up eating that snack food mindlessly. Not popcorn so much, as even light popcorn is greasy and I don’t want my keyboard and mouse getting that way. It’s the stuff like peanuts and walnuts and almonds that I end up stuffing in my mouth without thought. I console myself with the thought that it’s at least healthy stuff, even if I am consuming too much of it at one time.

The jar of nuts I consumed in 3 days this past week.

I have done the same with sweet snacks, so it’s not really new behavior. And, I’m not even sure why I do it. There are times when I write all day with nary a snack in sight. However, once there is one within arms’ reach, it’s inhaled quickly.

I’m the same way with pop, by the way. Sigh.

So, what am I going to do about this? I’m not sure, to be honest. I can limit the snack items I keep in the office. I can also eat while I’m up stretching. That would help me remember to get up and stretch. LOL I could certainly attempt to stop snacking. That might even be the best idea.

You might be wondering why I’m even concerned about snacking like I am. The reason is that I’d like to at least not gain more weight. I’m not sure I’m capable of losing anymore, but as long as I don’t gain, I’ll be happy. Snacking handful after handful of nuts or whatever I have is not going to help me maintain my current weight.

So, do other writers snack while they write? Do any of you readers to the same while you read?


Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3


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