Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #16

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Here is the beginning of Chapter 8. I kind of cut us off in the middle of a conversation, but it was right in the middle of the chapter, and I’m trying to keep these posts at around 1,000 words each.

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Chapter 8

Caroline paced her apartment, her features marred by a scowl and her hands slashing the air to accompany the screaming ranting issuing from her mouth.

“I can’t believe her! How much evidence does she need before she leaves him!” Caroline had just returned from a trip to the nearby supercenter, where she had seen Will and Liz doing some grocery shopping. “I’ve sent half a dozen of those letters. I even paid someone to hand-write the last few. Is she not just a little suspicious?”

Caroline halted in the center of the living room, hands on her hips. “If she’s going to ignore pictures, I’ll have to step up my game.” She dropped on the couch as she contemplated her situation. Tapping her lips with finger three times, she finally thought, Text messages might work. I can’t send them from my phone, though. A few more minutes of thought and she jumped to her feet, grabbing her purse and heading out the door.

Darcy Racing, Incorporated, Headquarters

SCRA’s top series had three off-weekends during the season, and they were just heading into one of them. Will had decided to go into the office and get some paperwork done, and as he always did, invited his wife along. He was perplexed by her reaction, which was to stare at him for a moment with an unreadable expression and then to reluctantly – to him, at least – consent. He paused for a split second, wondering if he should ask her if something was wrong, but as fast as the idea came to him, he threw it aside. Instead, he held out his hand for Liz to take.

“Hang on a second. I need to grab some things.” Liz darted out the door but returned a couple minutes later.

“All set?” Will examined Liz’s expression as he asked his question, and when she replied in the positive, held his hand out again.

A short time later, the pair were settling into his office on the top floor of the building. They worked companionably for an hour, and Will soon forgot about his concerns about Liz. His stomach growled, startling him.

Liz laughed as Will rubbed his belly. “How about I go down and see if I can scrounge us up some snacks?”

Will grinned. “Sounds good to me. We can go out for lunch for a real meal when I’m done here.”

“I like that idea.” Liz stood, grabbing her purse off the floor before leaning over to kiss Will. “I’ll be back soon.”

Liz clutched her purse to her side as she strode out of the office and down the hallway. She took the stairs down to the next floor and strolled down that corridor until she came to an empty conference room, where she entered and locked the door behind her. Placing her purse on the long cherry-wood table that took up most of the room, she pulled a packet of envelopes bound with a large rubber band out of it. She swiftly unbound the packet and then spread the pictures from each envelope out on the table.

Liz had not recognized the women and places in about half the pictures, but she was certain a few had been taken inside the building here at DRI. She made a quick examination of the images, then stuffed the irrelevant ones back in the envelopes and bound them again with the rubber band. Picking up the suspect ones, Liz scrutinized them closely. She put the packet back in her purse, slipped the photos she needed to refer to in a side pocket, unlocked the door, and let herself out of the conference room. Then, she headed down to the bottom floor of the shop to seek out food.

To get to the cafeteria, Liz had to walk past a couple rooms used for storage of office supplies, team swag, and copiers. She stepped into the copy room, grateful it was empty, and pulled out the pictures she had separated from the rest. Sure enough, the room was the setting for one of the pictures. She backed out into the hall, and peeked into the other rooms. One of the storage rooms, the one holding swag for Will’s and Charles’ teams, was the setting of another of the photographs.

Having seen enough, Liz went into the cafeteria and found some quick snacks for her and Will, and two bottles of water. She paid for the purchases, smiling at the cashier and chatting for a couple minutes, then heading back up to Will’s office.

Liz was not sure how she felt about what she had seen. She was mostly convinced that the pictures had been altered with some sort of photo manipulation software. They just did not look right to her, and as a social media manager, Liz was familiar with such programs and how they were used. As she approached Will’s door, she bit her lip, uncertain how to proceed. She paused just out of sight of the window. She looked down and sighed. Then, deciding that she might as well remain silent a little while longer, she opened the door and took the food to her husband.

Two hours later, Liz and Will had finished with Will’s paperwork and taken a tour of the facility, looking in on the crew chiefs, drivers, and teams who were working on the cars and crunching race data. Everyone had asked about Coach, and when he’d be back at the helm, and all seemed relieved to hear that he would soon be back in the office on a part-time basis.

As Will handed Liz into his truck, she remarked on what she had seen. “It sounds like Coach is well-loved by the entire organization, and not just his children and drivers.”

With a grin, Will kissed Liz’s hand and replied in the affirmative before shutting the door. When he had run around the front and gotten into the driver’s seat, he added, “He is. I know I’m biased, but he’s the best driver and owner around.” He turned the key in the ignition.

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Post #16

  1. I assume Caroline is going to by disposable phones and that since she worked for a magazine (French Vogue?) that she would be familiar with photoshop. But, how will she get the phone numbers. I would imagine someone of Will’s notoriety would have an unlisted number. I am glad Liz is not jumping off the deep end of suspicion, but I wish she would just be honest with her husband. However, we all know that is a terrible truth for writers. 😊 As usual I cannot wait for next Friday’s post.

    • Yup, Caro’s using disposable phones. Remember that she is Bingley’s sister. She has a copy of his apartment key and has scrolled through his phone a time or two. Not that she needed to … Liz still has the same number she always has and it wasn’t unlisted. At some point after this, it will be. LOL

      If Liz were honest with Will now, I’d not have a conflict later. LOL But I know what you mean. 🙂

      Next Friday’s post is already scheduled, so I can promise you, you won’t miss it! <3

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