Writer’s Journal: Biting your tongue

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I need to warn you that this is one of those posts I have mentioned before where I discuss my faith.


Sometimes it seems like all I do is bite my tongue. Often, I bite it so hard it hurts!

I bite my tongue when on social media, mostly, but even before and outside of Facebook, Twitter, et al, I have done it with colleagues, family, and friends. People say things to me that are hurtful and/or offensive and I say nothing. Blink, maybe, but just let it go.

For a long time, I thought I was simply too afraid to speak up. Now I know that I’m just turning the other cheek. Though, sometimes I’d still like to run my mouth and defend myself. I know, however, that I can’t just go around telling people they’re stupid or mean or that “itchy with a B” word. That’s not what Jesus would do, and that’s not what I’m supposed to do.

I do have a tendency to be grumpy. I’m pretty sure my sister got off the phone quick this morning because I was grumpy, though I wasn’t with her. I was just grumpy in general. It’s a struggle some days not to be ruled by my feelings. LOL

There are other reasons besides my faith for biting my tongue, the biggest being that I am in the public eye. I must be a professional at all times, and I must not share my personal beliefs. There are writers, actors, musicians, etc. who do share stuff. I see political posts all over the place made by all of the above. I choose not to join them in proclaiming my stand on our current President, abortion, or any other issue. If I’m asked, I’ll plainly state it, but to use my platform to promote my political beliefs is to alienate half my readers. Well, I’m assuming half … could be fewer or more. I don’t know.

I do know that I have seen people join my mailing list and send my Facebook profile a friend request who are totally opposite me, politically and in matters of faith. I have to scratch my head and wonder if they’ve ever read the acknowledgements of any of my books. I suppose, though, in today’s society, a faith in Jesus doesn’t exclude one from supporting things that are not Bible. I’m just glad they like my books and hope they don’t start a Twitter campaign to ruin me once they figure out I’m a serious Jesus follower. LOL

One of the reasons I am so comfortable writing this blog feature is that I like to keep things real. I struggle with church a lot of times, because so many you go to are full of people who appear perfect, who say the right thing at the right time every time, and that’s so not me. I have a temper. I cuss when I’m angry. I like to throw things. Ask my ex-husband about my temper. LOL I don’t lose it often, but when I do? Whew!!

I have broken every speed law known to man, gleefully, and probably a few other laws, as well. I rarely wear makeup, though I have begun to wear it more often in the last few months. I don’t wear all the items of clothing most women do. If I wasn’t so fat, I’d wear crop tops and have a belly button ring. Seriously. I had purple hair for a while and intend to have it again.

I say the wrong thing almost every time I open my mouth. I am THE least perfect person you will ever meet, hands down.

All this to say, I find myself forced to bite my tongue almost every day. I have begun spending less time on Facebook, for this and other reasons. I might as well delete my Twitter account, for all the more I’ve been on it in the last year and a half. I used to love Instagram, but I need to clean out the people I follow, because I don’t enjoy everything that everyone posts. It’s easier to remain inoffensive when you’re not bombarded with offensive things every day.

Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3


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