Austen Authors May 28, 2018: Poems and updates

It’s May again, and I have been an Austen Author for two years. What a fun ride it has been! 🙂 I always have my May post on Memorial Day, which makes me giggle. I’m not sure who will read it … maybe I should have done a giveaway. LOL Anyway, I’m looking forward to many more Memorial Day posts at Austen Authors!

Before I get to my actual post, I thought I would update everyone on my news. I am still finishing To Save Elizabeth. Life has thrown a couple distractions my way, but I’ve got my head down, and I’m powering through. The book will definitely be out in June. It would be nice to have it come out on “that day I no longer celebrate,” but it might be after that.

Also, I have branched out into large print books. Darcy’s Secret Betrothal is now available in that format, and it’s only a dollar or two more expensive than a standard paperback. A reader on Facebook pointed out to me that I should make the cover large print, too, so I’ll be redoing that cover sooner or later. Right now, I’m focusing on putting out a large print edition of each of my backlist books as I update their covers. I have two more—Matches Made at Netherfield and Decisions and Consequences—that have updated covers and those are the two that will be turned into large print first.

I think that’s all my news, so now, on to my post! <3 

One of the things I did when I taught high school special ed was teaching English. We did a lot of reading and some basic writing. We did a little poetry here and there, but I’m not a fan of it and neither were they, so we didn’t do much.

One of the things we did do once was an “I Am From” poem. I had greatly enjoyed it, but of course, the students did not. 😉

As you know, poetry was rather popular in Regency England. Lots of JAFF authors use poems in their stories. I confess that I tend to skip those. *blush* I don’t recall ever using one in a story. However, when I was thinking about what to do for my post this month, poetry came up.

If you recall, I recently did Jane Austen’s Facebook page. I got the graphic organizer from I was looking for the “I Am From” poem, or something similar, so I could do one for you for one of our characters. I went with an “I Am Poem,” because it was not as challenging to construct. The poem is below. I’m guessing you’ll know right away which character is “speaking” in it.

  Perhaps in the future, I’ll do the other poem for another character. 🙂


I Am Poem

I am liberal and honest.

I wonder what she thinks of me.

I hear the voices of my parents, reminding me of my duty.

I see a house full of impertinent daughters.

I want to marry her.

I am liberal and honest.

I pretend that I don’t like her.

I feel the brush of angel wings.

I touch the cheek of my yet-to-be-born son.

I worry that I will fail my sister again.

I cry when I think about my parents.

I am liberal and honest.

I understand her connections are beneath me.

I say I want a happy life.

I dream that she is at Pemberley.

I try to be a fair master.

I hope she says ‘yes.’

I am liberal and honest.


What do you think? Did you easily guess who is “speaking”? Did I do well? How would you change it? Finally, did you enjoy it?

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