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Here is the end of Chapter 9. 🙂 We’re about halfway through this story, I think.

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Will could see his appeal had touched his wife. He waited, every muscle tense, as she thought about his words.

“Very well,” Liz conceded, looking from Will, who she had stared at while he ranted, to the dresser. “I will answer your questions, but only because I love you, too. I still think you’re making this out to be far worse than it is.” She paused and then continued, “They were coming every three or four days. There was always one on Sunday night when we got home. They stopped a few days ago.”

“How long ago? Can you give me specifics?” Will saw Liz’s head come back up and held her eye when she looked at him.

“The last one came two or three days before we went to the supercenter.” Liz bit her lip.

Will’s brow creased again at the sight of Liz worrying her lip with her teeth. He searched his memory for the specific day she referred to. “Last Thursday. A week ago.” He watched her nod and open her mouth. She seemed to decide against saying more, because she closed it again. “You got sick that day.”

Liz pulled in the corner of her lip and looked back down. She shifted from one leg to another.

Will kept his eye on his wife as he replayed the afternoon in question in his mind.

“Of course,” he exclaimed. “Where’s your phone?”

“In my pocket.” Liz looked uneasy.

“May I see it, please? Unless you’d like to tell me about the text messages you got that day.”

Liz was clearly struggling with the desire of telling Will to back off. Her stiff posture and clenched jaw told him of her inner battle. Finally, she sighed. “I’m not sure I like this caveman thing you’ve got going on, but we have always been open with each other and I have your phone on me more than you do. So, you can have mine, now.” She looked Will straight in the eye. “Make sure you don’t try to turn controlling over this, because it won’t go down well.”

Will swallowed, closing his eyes for a moment. He accepted the device she held out to him. “Thank you. I promise I’ll not try to control you. Your independence is part of you and I love it. I don’t want to squash it.” He lifted the phone and woke it up, listening to Liz’s explanation as he scrolled through the text messages app.

“The last picture came only a day or two before the text I got when we were going to go to lunch. I didn’t recognize the number, so I replied, but I haven’t since. I saved them, though, just in case.” Liz fell silent as an alarm on her phone went off.

Will looked at the time on the alarm as he shut it off and cursed under his breath. He handed the phone back to his wife, saying, “We have to get moving if we’re going to fly to Alabama with the crew.” His mien was sober as he took her hand. “I’m going to hire an investigator to look into this. Your safety and well-being mean too much to me to let it slide. If it ends up being a prank, so be it, but I need to make sure, for my own mental health.” He let go of her hand to slide his up and down her arms. “Will you forgive me for getting angry?”

“Of course, I will. I’m sorry I kept it from you. It didn’t seem important enough to add to your plate. You already have so much going on between Georgie and running the company and shop alone, in your father’s place. I didn’t want to add to your burden.” Liz slipped her arms around Will’s waist when he pulled her close.

“You could never be a burden, Darlin’. Your concerns are my concerns, and always will be.” Will pulled back so he could see Liz’s face. He rubbed his hands up and down her back as he declared, “I love you.”

Liz smiled. “I love you, too.” She lifted her face as Will’s arms encircled her again and his head lowered to kiss her.


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