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Here is the beginning of Chapter 10.  🙂 This is about 100 words shorter than I usually share, but next week’s will be like 600 words longer, so it works out. LOL This part ends at a section break, and it didn’t make sense to cut that next section off like that.

Rather than continue to add links to each previous post in this story, I have made a master list of them. If you’re new to Race Book 3, as it is currently being referred to, you can catch up on old episodes by clicking here.

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Chapter 10

Will asked Liz to drive them to the airport so he could make phone calls. After speaking to his father’s friend in the FBI, he tried four different numbers. He was forced to leave a message at each one, something that did not please him in the least. With a sound of disgust, he put his phone to sleep as Liz steered them into the short-term parking lot at the airport.

“No joy,” she asked.

“None,” Will replied. “Apparently, every private investigator in the tri-county area is busy at the moment.” He rolled his eyes and shrugged, getting out of the truck and hurrying to the other side to hand Liz out. “I’ll have to wait for one of them to call back or try again tomorrow after qualifying.”

“Yeah.” Liz followed her husband to the back of the truck. “I’m sure someone will call while we’re in the air.”

Will grunted as he pulled the suitcases out of the truck bed. “Probably. As long as they leave messages so I can call them back, I can’t be too upset.”

“Too true,” Liz agreed, accepting her bag and extending the handle so she could easily drag it. “Why did we take these instead of the duffle bags?”

“Because you haven’t been feeling well, and I don’t want you straining to carry a heavy duffle.” Will leaned down and caressed his lips over Liz’s. “Don’t deny it. You’ve been tired, way too tired, and you puked the day you got that first text. You need to rest more than you have been.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “I’ll do my best, Mother Hen.”

With a chuckle, Will held his arm out for Liz to take and steered them into the airport.

They made it to the plane just after the crew did. Coach and Georgie were coming along to the track this week, and Coach had asked the flight department to set aside four seats for him and his kids.

The crew had already filled most of the seats by the time the Darcys boarded. Liz hugged her father-in-law and Georgie, greeting them with kisses. She listened as her sister-in-law whispered in her ear and then, with a smile, whispered back and hugged her again. Then, she gratefully sank into a window seat at the front of the plane. Will shoved their cases in the overhead bins, cracking jokes with the stragglers among the crew, before he joined her. He grasped her hand, twining their fingers.

“What did Georgie have to say?” Will kissed her fingers.

Liz glanced toward the other side of the plane as she whispered, “Nothing worrisome. She has some questions about some female stuff, and there’s a boy in her class at school that she likes.”

Will’s brows rose. “She schools online. How’s that possible?”

Liz rolled her eyes. ”She has to attend so many face to face events during the year. Coach took her to one the other day. That’s where she met him, but it sounds like they’re in the same history class.”

Will lifted his chin. “I see. That makes sense.”

“Besides,” Liz added, “there are thousands of people who connect online through social media and dating sites who find lasting love. It’s not so unusual, really.”

Will stared at his wife. “You doubt me?” Liz’s lips twitched at his skeptical look.

“I do. Online, a person can make themselves seem like anyone. A girl, or a guy for that matter, can be led down the primrose path to thinking they’ve met their perfect mate, only to find out the other person is a serial killer or something.”

Liz laughed. “I’m sure that does happen, but Georgie met this boy in person and only chatted with him after that, and after your dad spoke with the boy and his parents.” She looked up as the flight attendant closed the door just in front of their row of seats. She looked back at Will and finished speaking. “She’s not sneaking around this time. You father apparently approves and you know how protective of her he is.”

The flight attendant had taken up her microphone and begun her pre-flight spiel. Will put his seat belt on and leaned over to make sure Liz’s was secure, earning him a glare from his wife. He grinned at her and leaned over to drop a kiss on her lips before settling back in his seat and paying attention to the presentation. Before he knew it, the plane was taxiing to the runway and in the air.

An hour and a half later, the Darcys and the race team were disembarking at the airport nearest to the track. As soon as Will’s phone was turned back on, it began chiming, indication he had voice messages.

“I knew that would happen,” Will grumbled as he pulled his and Liz’s bags out of the overhead compartment.

“Of course,” Liz chuckled. “That’s how these things go.”

The couple followed Coach and Georgie out of the plane and into the terminal. They went on to the car rental counter, where Coach had reserved an SUV, and soon were at the track.

“Come on over for supper tonight. Georgie’s cooking some dishes Edie taught her, and I’m throwing some steaks on the grill.”

“Did she teach you how to make that potato dish we had last week?” Liz perked up at the thought.

“She did!” Georgie grinned. “I hope you’re not jealous.” The girl’s wink made her sister-in-law laugh.

“I won’t be if you teach me.” Liz teased Georgie right back.

In the front seat, Coach and Will exchanged glances, identical smirks covering their faces. Quietly, Will said to his father, “I’m so glad they get along like they do.”

“Me, too, Son. Me, too.” With another quick look over his shoulder at the laughing girls behind him, Coach pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward the track.  


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  1. It is nice to have Coach and Georgie back in the story. I wonder what Darcy will as of the PIs? When will he make the connection that Lizzy’s stalker is the same as hers? Can’t wait for next week!

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