Writer’s Journal: Mid-year self-care update

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It’s been a long time since I have really sat down and evaluated my health. I have done so today, and I’m sad to say that the results of the evaluation are not pretty.

My treadmill desk, set up at my old apartment.

I did very well this past winter, in my opinion. I was on the treadmill nearly every day, I took plenty of Vitamin D, I used my essential oils and diffuser, and made sure I got God time. I was depressed, but not desperately so.

I felt strong physically, as well. I could go up and down stairs with ease. I was able to walk easily immediately upon rising from my chair, meaning my feet and ankles didn’t hurt. I lost around ten pounds.

It all fell apart sometime in March, I think. It got warm, so I started doing my treadmill time without my sweatpants. I had my shirt on and undies, but the treadmill is beside the heat register and when the furnace kicks on, it gets nasty hot.

You must understand here that I have, to my utmost shame, horror, and embarrassment, chubby thighs. Fat, even. And they rub when I walk. I don’t know how many fatties like me are reading this, but when skin rubs on skin long enough, it creates a sore spot. So there I was with chafing on both thighs. I was miserable, and unable to even walk the dog for a few days.

Once that kind of thing happens, where I am forced to stop exercising, it’s super difficult to get back into that routine. It’s now July and I still have not managed it. Therefore, I don’t have the energy I had just four months ago, and my feet and ankles are swelling and hurting, along with my legs. What I don’t have is chafing. 😉

I have also not eaten as well as I should, having far too much sugar and carbs. I’ve spent I don’t know how many nights with acid reflux as a result. There are other issues that have come along with it that I won’t get into. Suffice it to say, my body hates me right now. LOL

I’m trying to get back into a good, healthy place. I am getting myself outside as much as I can to soak in the sunlight, and I’m allowing it in the windows, even though it gets in my eyes long about 7:00 and I can’t see to work. LOL

I do still walk the dog almost every day. I know I need to get back on the treadmill, so I think my plan will be to maintain our current early-morning routine but be sure to shut the bedroom door so the room stays reasonably cool. (I use a window air-conditioner at night and shut it off during the day, unless I’m actually in the room.) Then, after we eat, I’ll come upstairs like I did in the winter, and have my God time, nap time, and then treadmill time.

That will actually serve two purposes, because it will get Jasper used to being apart from me again and it will help me get stronger. Jasper’s separation anxiety is getting to be way more than I can handle.

The infamous underwear thingies.

It occurred to me that I need to address the chub rub thing, since I will be on the treadmill in my nightgowns until it gets so cold I have to switch to pajamas. I have tried these underwear things that are similar to bike shorts, but I can’t find any that don’t have spandex. I can’t abide tight or close-fitting clothes, especially when it’s hot out, so those are a no-go. I have ordered a pair of things called Bandalettes that go over your thighs. They still rub, but the material rubs, not your skin, and that prevents the chafing. If those work, I’ll buy more. In the meantime, I have a temporary solution that involves pieces of material – often those large, colored handkerchiefs – and my undies, and sometimes safety pins. I’m sure you can imagine how that works, so I’ll not go into great detail. LOL If the Bandalettes don’t work, I have some old t-shirts that will be cut up and become my thigh separators. 😉

I think I also need to add strength training with hand weights into that exercise routine I mentioned. Certainly, I need to be sure to stretch every two hours, and adding weights once a day or once every other day can only help me. I’ve struggled with upper back, shoulder, and arm pain for months. Stress doesn’t help that, and most of my stress is money-related, so I need to also maintain a better writing routine.

So, that’s my plan to get back on track. What do you think? Have I forgotten anything? How’s your health and wellness plan going?

Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3


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