Writer’s Journal: Choosing Conference Sessions

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The time has come where I need to decide which sessions I want to attend at the November conference. This may sound like an easy task to the uninitiated, but trust me, it’s not. Horrific and full of angst is more like it!

There are lots of sessions that are no-brainers. Check-in, keynote, lunch. However, there are a butt ton of times where two great sessions are going on at the same time. What to do? Which do I pick?

Here’s an example … the very first afternoon, I have to choose between a Meet & Greet with Google Play Books, a presentation by ACX about audiobooks, and Amazon Data Overview, and a romance/write to market session. I would benefit from all four. I just can’t decide! Sigh

Then, later that day, do I want to listen to Dean Wesley Smith talk about attitude? Or do an IngramSpark meet and greet? In the end, I went with Dean Wesley Smith, because I’m not ready for IS yet.

This brings up another issue, though. All the sessions are recorded, but the meet and greets are obviously not. Recorded sessions will go up on YouTube after the conference is over. Maybe I should choose Ingram and then watch DWS on YouTube when I get home. Oy

The schedule has been uploaded by the organizer and keeps getting tweaked, so in the end, some of these choices might need to change. Plus, the conference is still three months away. I have time to choose. I just like to get stuff done ahead of time. LOL

The great thing is, the website they’re using for a scheduler has an app I can download to my phone. I’ll be able to access my personalized schedule without having to print it out and carry it around. I like that a lot.

I need to remember to schedule down time, as well. I’ve heard other authors say they got a lot of writing done but I know I’ll be exhausted, probably too exhausted to write. I might not even take my laptop. If I leave it at home, I save myself about ten pounds of lugging stuff, because I use the laptop bag as a carryon and just put everything in it, including my wallet.

I guess I probably should just relax for now, don’t you think?

Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3


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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal: Choosing Conference Sessions

  1. Good luck with picking you sessions. It’s always difficult when there are two conflicting time slots but which ever you choose I’m sure you will enjoy them.

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