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One of the things writers seem to be kind of famous for is going out places to write. Lots of my fellow writers go to Starbuck’s, Panera’s, or some other coffee shop/café kind of place to spend a couple hours writing. One of my favorite people to go to for information about writing is Joanna Penn. She goes out every day to a nearby coffee shop and writes. Rose Fairbanks used to go to Panera’s a lot, though she hasn’t lately, I don’t think. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Up until now, despite my desire to go out to write, I haven’t. The only places to go were the library and McDonald’s. There’s a Chinese place, but I don’t even know if they have Wi-Fi.

None of those options appealed to me, partly because of the noise and smells of the two restaurants and partly because of the two eateries, I know for a fact McDonald’s does not have outlets into which a girl can plug her laptop. My battery is dying, so I have to be able to plug in after forty or fifty minutes. To get to Panera’s or Starbucks, I’d have to travel a minimum of forty minutes, not something I’m willing to do all the time.

That has recently changed, to my utmost delight. My town has recently gained a bakery, one that has tables and Wi-Fi!! <3

Bakery on the Square is a cute little place on the east side of Andover Square. They have great cookies, breads, and cinnamon rolls, and a bunch of other stuff.

The best part? They welcomed me and my laptop and manuscript with open arms!! They said they want people to come in and use the place like I did (which meant parking myself in a corner and spreading my stuff over half a table LOL.) They want to make the shop a writing spot for National Novel Writing Month in November, too! Turns out, one of the ladies is writing a series of books, and one of the twin daughters has published a coloring book! I felt like I’d come home, I’m telling you. I spent an hour or so on Friday and again Saturday and was able to get quite a bit done.

Now, they’re only open five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, and they close early on Sunday, but that’s ok. This part of the year, I have to do yard work, so I can plan to do that on Monday or Tuesday, and when I no longer have to mow grass, I can go to the library on those days. Either way, I’m getting out of the house regularly.

I know myself very well, and I know come winter, I’ll not want to leave the house. I also know, though, that for Jasper’s sake, I must. The more often I’m away from the house, the better his separation anxiety. It’s weird, and there’s more to it than consistently leaving, but that’s how it’s worked lately. I’ve made a concerted effort to leave for at least fifteen minutes every day and he’s left me no “presents.” Anyway, I will simply have to force myself out of the house. And, if the snow is too deep and I don’t want to drive, the bakery is close enough I can walk, which is also good for me. 🙂

Are you a writer who likes to write out? Where do you go? If you’re a reader, do you have someplace you like to hang out with a good book for a while, just to get out of the house?

Come back next Wednesday for another peek into my journal! <3


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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal: Writing Out

  1. Hi Zoe, you know, I do like to leave the house. I drive into the city, at least once a week, do what I have to, which is usually a group attendence of some sort, and then off to Chapter’s Book Store. They have a Starbucks. I have done lots of reading in Starbucks and I love people watching too.

    • I honestly hate having to leave my house. LOL Most of the time, I’m perfectly content to stay at home. However, the dog needs to learn to be without me, and it’s fun to write in a coffee shop (or bakery, in this case). I’m really glad you can get out, though. Most people need it, I’ve found. I’m the odd duck. 😀

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