Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Book 4, Post #4

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I’m back with another 1,000+ words of Race Book 4! This one will take us to the end of Chapter 2. We’re still at the track in Charlotte.

I’m probably going to have to take a break from posting on my blog for a few weeks. I need to get the Christmas book done ASAP, which means it has to have all my attention. I’m just as frustrated as all of you about it, trust me.

Here is the master list of posts. I’ll update it weekly. I will also try to remember to link the posts at the end each week, so you all can start at post 1 and click the bottom to get to the next post, if you want.

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The first segment of the race finished with Will and Charles running in first and second place. Liz had been posting regular updates to Will’s social media and sharing with Jane and Audra the concerned tweets and comments the fans had sent in response.

“Look at this,” she exclaimed about ten laps into the race. She began to read the comments to her first tweet. “’Hey Wiz, stay safe and get better! We love you!’ She put a heart in there for the word love.”

“I’m always surprised when fans still call you and Will ‘Wiz.’” Audra shook her head. It’s so cute.”

Liz grinned. “Some of the drivers still do, too. It makes Will laugh every time.” She turned her attention to her phone to reply to the fans. Her phone dinged repeatedly with notifications and she was kept busy for several minutes. Finally, as the noise from the cell phones began to diminish, she relaxed, resting her head on the cushions behind her. A ding came from one of the phones, and she lifted it and her head. “Mary sent me a text!”

“Our sister?” Jane’s head swiveled from the television to Liz.

“Yes. She says she’s in the parking lot outside the track and wants to know if she can visit us.” Liz looked up from the phone, eyes wide. “She must be out for summer break. Can we get her in here?” She turned to Audra. “Is it possible?”

“Do you want her here?” Audra pulled out her phone when Liz replied in the affirmative. “Let me call Mark Hildom and see what I can do.” A few short minutes later, Audra ended the call. “He was concerned about your safety, but I assured him you want her here. If Rhett has no issue with it, we can go get her. Mike is sending someone with a pass to get her past the gate.”

“Rhett?” Liz twisted her head as far as she could, but the bodyguard was behind her and out of her range of vision.

“We’ll want to search her before we let her in, but it’s fine by me if she wants to join you.” Rhett stood. “Let me warn my guys outside.”

As Rhett slipped past the ladies and down the steps, Audra and Jane stood. “We’ll be back in a few minutes.” They took turns leaning down to kiss Liz’s head.

Rhett climbed into the motor home. “I’ve alerted my guys. One of them will frisk her before she enters. A guy just pulled up in a cart, asking for Mrs. Fitzwilliam.”

“Mike was quick about that pass.” Audra turned to go. “Thank you, Rhett.” In another moment, she was gone, Jane following behind her.

Liz waited anxiously for her sister and Will’s aunt to return. Though she had her bodyguard with her, and three more posted around the RV on the outside, this was as alone as she had been since she had been rescued. Her aches began to intensify because her muscles were so tight. She tried to focus on the race, which was underway once more, following a long caution period. Her attention span was short, however, and she didn’t even try to update her husband’s social media. Though it was no more than fifteen minutes before her sisters and aunt returned, it felt like it was much longer. When the door opened and she heard footsteps on the staircase, she sat up a little.

Audra’s head was the first Liz saw. “We got her! She was waiting at one of the gates.” She tossed her head back over her shoulder. “She’s being thoroughly searched right now, but should be up soon. Jane is staying with her.”

Liz subsided once more, knowing the wait would be brief. By the time Audra had settled into a seat, Jane was leading Mary up the steps.

“Mary!” Liz squealed to see her next-youngest sister. She opened her arms wide and Mary threw herself into them.

“It’s so good to see you,” Mary whispered into Liz’s hair. “When I heard what happened to you, I had to come and visit.”

Liz held Mary as close as she could. “I’m so glad you did.” She pulled her head back to kiss her sister’s cheek and then wipe the tears that tracked down the other girl’s face. “Pull up a chair here beside me and tell me what has happened. Something had to. It’s not like you to just appear somewhere unannounced.”

There were a few minutes of confusion as a folding chair was produced out of the closet for Mary.

“Before I tell you, can I use your bathroom? It’s been a long trip and I didn’t want to stop more than once before I got here.”

“Sure, but didn’t you see any portable toilets in the parking lot?” Liz winked at Mary, knowing full well what her sister was about to say.

“You know very well I’m not about to use one of those. They’re hot and smelly and dirty. Nasty.” Mary shivered.

Liz and Jane laughed at Mary’s expression.

“Go on then, it’s just past the table on the same side. Oh.” Liz glanced over her shoulder as Mary hesitated. “That’s Rhett in the kitchen. He’s my bodyguard. He’s harmless as long as you’re not trying to kill me.”

Mary chuckled a little but still looked uncertain. “Okay.” She hesitantly walked into the kitchen, and Liz heard her say, “Excuse me” to the bodyguard.

Liz looked at Jane. “What did she tell you? Anything?”

“Not a word beyond how happy she is to have made it here. I asked when she left Ohio and she said it was mid-morning today. She has only stopped for gas and food and has been driving all day.” Jane glanced worriedly back toward the bathroom. “I can’t imagine why she would make such a long trip so spontaneously. It’s not like her.”

“We’ll find out when she comes back. I’d bet money it involves Mama.”

The bathroom door opened and within seconds, Mary was taking the seat beside Liz’s couch. On the television, one of the drivers blew a right front tire, sending him into the turn four wall. Race officials threw a caution, and as the lights around the track turned from green to amber, the cars all slowed down. Liz was busy for a few minutes, putting her scanner back on and listening to Will’s radio. Once she determined it was not her husband who hit the wall, she sent out a social media update, then pushed the headset back so it hung around the back of her head, turning her head in Mary’s direction.

“What happened, Mare? You never act impulsively.” Liz stretched her arm out to grab the younger girl’s hand.

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  1. You are leaving us hanging for what could be several weeks if you are taking a break to work on your Christmas book. How cruel of you! I hope you will find time to at least post what the problem is that send Mary to her sisters. I could wait (impatiently) if you don’t leave me hanging! What is the blurb for your Christmas book.

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