Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Book 4, Post #7

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I’m back with another very short section. I wrote enough today for three such posts, but I’m only scheduling two, because I hope to be devoting all my writing time to this story in a week or so.

Today, Mary meets Declan. <3

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When the checkered flag was put out, TJ Jackson was the first past the start/finish line. Liz and the rest of the girls in her motorhome cheered. TJ was popular with everyone because of his easygoing personality and his fierce competitiveness. Of course, Liz, Jane, and Audra were close friends’ with TJ’s girlfriend, SueAnne, and that gave them added incentive to be happy for the win.

Liz kept an eye on the post-race media coverage. All four of Darcy Racing’s drivers had finished in the top ten, which meant each would have an interview with a race reporter. It also mean Will, Charles, Coach, and probably Georgie would be a while before they could escape the garage area. Liz continued to monitor Will’s social media and interact with the fans, but she was tiring and eager for the day to be over.

A short while later, Liz was lying on the couch with her eyes closed, drifting in and out of sleep, her sisters and Will’s aunt watching over her and her bodyguard keeping an eye on the activity outside the windows.

“Will’s back.” Rhett stood by the table, peering out through the window over the sink.

A groggy Liz, eyes fluttering as she tried to stay awake, moaned. “Mmm?”

“Will’s home, Liz.” Mary squeezed her sister’s hand, which she had been holding for most of the time since arrived. She smiled to see Liz give a half nod and drift off again. The sound of feet on the steps caught her attention and she looked over her shoulder in time to see her brother-in-law step up, followed by a biker with the most gorgeous eyes she had ever seen. She felt her eyes grow wide and her mouth dry up as she looked him up and down. She noticed his stare then as he reciprocated her interest. She blushed and looked away.

Will was oblivious to anything but his wife. Though he was still running on adrenaline, he gently kissed her forehead and whispered, “I love you.” He stood, looking around the motorhome. He nodded to Rhett before he turned around to speak to his aunt and sister-in-law. “Have you all met Declan?”

“Not yet.” Audra smiled. “We were waiting for you to show proper Southern manners.”

Will rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry, Aunt Audra. I was more concerned with Liz than anything else.” He ducked his head then and looked up at her.

Audra laughed at his perfect imitation of a penitent boy. “You are forgiven. Now, introduce us, you silly thing.”

Will grinned. “This is Declan Paisley. Declan, this is my aunt, Audra Fitzwilliam, and my sister-in-law, Jane Bingley.” He turned slightly to his left. “Sitting here with Liz is another of my sister-in-laws, Mary.”

Declan reached for Mary’s hand, his gaze frozen on her face. “Nice to meet you, ma’am.” He kissed her fingers but did not let go of them.

Will smirked at Declan and Mary’s reaction to each other. He let them go for a long minute and then nudged his new friend. He laughed out loud when the giant of a man startled and blushed.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Declan.” Audra’s lips twitched as she watched the guest interact with Mary.

Jane brought her hand up to cover her laugh. When Charles pulled her into his side, she leaned against him and buried her head in his shoulder for a brief moment. Then, lips still jerking up and down at the corners, she echoed Audra’s greeting. “Thank you for taking such good care of Liz. Who knows what would have happened without you.”

Declan reddened. “You’re welcome. It was nothing, really.” He tipped his head toward the still-sleeping Liz. “She’s a fighter. I could see it right away. All’s I did was get her out of that garage. She did the rest.”

The story continues here.


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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Book 4, Post #7

  1. Wonderful as usual and as always it leaves me wanting more. There is so much that I cannot wait to find out. Watching the shy, staid Mary develop a relationship with Declan will be great fun. I also had a question about your Patreon only story. Is that story the same one you published or a different story. Will that story ever be available for the rest of your fans to read.

    • The Patreon-only story is the Christmas one I just published.

      I’m very much looking forward to watching Mary and Declan become a couple. Mary says in one of these posts that she has learned a lot about herself and knows she needs to change, but change can be hard, and Declan is so totally opposite of Mary that it’s going to be exciting to see! <3

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