Friday’s Race to the Weekend: Book 4, Post #8

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As Jane smiled at Declan, Will cleared his throat. “I was going to see if Liz felt up to eating out, but I guess she isn’t. How about I order something. Deck, can you stay? Aunt Audra?”

Declan shrugged. “Sure, I can stay. My bike should be fine in the parking lot.”

“I’ll call the office and make sure it’s left alone.” Audra pulled her phone out. “I’ll ask your uncle, Will, but I’m sure we can stay, too.”

A few short minutes later, Will had ordered Chinese and sent Charles and Jane to pick it up. He parked himself in Jane’s abandoned chair, and after offering a seat to Declan, chatted with Mary and Audra.

Will let Liz sleep until the Bingleys arrived with the food. Leaning down, he kissed her softly. “Wake up, Babe. Time to eat.”

“Hm?” Liz blinked sleepily. She looked at Will and smiled, but began to close her eyes again.

“No, don’t go to sleep.” Will nudged her arm, careful not to jar her too much. “It’s time to eat. Jane tells me you’ve not had anything since before the race. Come on.” He kissed her ear and her nose before settling his lips on hers once more. “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.”

A crease formed between Liz’s brows and she grunted, but her eyes opened. “What?” Her voice was rough from sleep. “Leave me alone.” She tried to roll over, but stopped short with a groan.

“Easy now. Let me help you sit up. Wrap your arms around my neck.” Will moved from his chair to the side of the couch, perching on the edge. He leaned forward, wrapped his arms around his wife, and eased her to a sitting position. He held her close, rubbing his hands over her back and kissing her hair. “How’re you doing?”

Liz sighed and leaned against Will’s chest. “I’d rather be sleeping, but I’m okay. Why did you wake me up?” She snuggled into his arms, rubbing her nose over his polo shirt.

“We have food and a guest, and your sister said you’ve not eaten all day.”

“No, I guess I haven’t. I wasn’t hungry.”

Will sighed heavily. “Liz, listen. Not only are you recovering from a vicious attack, you’re eating for two. I know you don’t want anything to happen to the baby. You have to eat, whether you feel like it or not.”

Liz stilled, her ear pressed to Will’s chest. “I know. I’m sorry. There was a lot going on with Mary here and all that. I’ll try to eat now.”

Will hugged Liz tightly once more, then let her go, helping her to swing her legs off the couch and stuffing pillows around her for support. Then, he made her a plate and one for himself and sat beside her, putting her plate on her lap.

The group chatted and laughed for an hour or so, then the ladies cleaned up while the guys discussed the race. Soon, everyone was gone and Will put Liz to bed. The next day, they would drive back to the house, but for tonight, they were staying at the track.

The story continues here.


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